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Word of the day { testimony of dealing with fear}

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Word of the day { testimony of dealing with fear}

Old 07-18-2019, 01:05 AM
Dominant Buck
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Default Word of the day { testimony of dealing with fear}

In 1993 I was an ESE teacher { Special Eduction} the county can have you work with any kind of disabilities. They had a new thing coming up. A classroom of high school thugs that had done everything from armed robbery to sexually assaulting women teachers...and I was chosen to be there teacher in a portable away from any help. One student was in there because he hit a kid so hard he knocked his eye out. These students for the most part are black and smoked crack cocaine, In one training before I took the classroom I was so uptight I had an anxiety attack. I would have 10 of these student and one aid...a skinny little black man. After 2 months of training I was to go to my first room. When I came to the steps of this portable { A double wide mobile home } in a field far away from the other school...I could hear chairs being thrown around with laughter. I was scared to death...but God's Spirit reminded me of a verse in 1 John 4..."He that feareth is not made perfect in love.," I said Lord , how do you love this? " He said you pray for each student everyday...because you cant hate someone that you are praying for.. And I learned instead you have an expectation for change. Long story short...I said to them I want to see how bad you boys really are...If you get your work done and can behave we will play foot ball or basketball everyday from 11-12 ..they agreed...I also fasted daily until I got home...just water..WHY? fasting is God's method of magnifying faith...Faith gets rid of all fear..the 2 cant exist together..Great year..no incidenses at all but I did get a different assignment after that year,{-;

Blessings C7

I put New Testaments on each desk...and it wasn't long some of them started going to church..Eventually they put a secret button in there that got me in direct help of the local police..that was nice too..

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Through both paid and volunteer work in college, a short stint with the department of youth services, and volunteer work that I do now with some other police officers around the county, I've come into contact with some really "hard" youth.

They call them youth, but some of them they're grown men. 6'4" 240lbs. Even though they're technically teenagers.

One thing I've learned is that when it comes right down to it, they're still a kid. Some are dangerous yes. But inside most of those big tough exteriors is a scared kid that's looking for direction, structure, and even discipling.

I like to think that the time I've invested has made a difference. We don't always see the difference right away. It might come years down the road, even after we're gone maybe. But I think the time is well invested. And I know you've spent allot of time with these specific populations.

And I know that I've impacted some as when I've had law enforcement interactions down the road they are often ashamed, embarrassed, apologetic. Like they let me down.

Just have to hope and pray that the time spent eventually has an impact.

I get frustrated when I hear the older generations whine and complain about the kids. Like it or not, kids are our future. Instead of complaining go sign up for a big brother program etc and make a difference.

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Thx for responding Jake.,

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