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Word of the Day, May 16, 2018, Acts 5:19-20 >

Word of the Day, May 16, 2018, Acts 5:19-20

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Word of the Day, May 16, 2018, Acts 5:19-20

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Default Word of the Day, May 16, 2018, Acts 5:19-20

Word of the Day, May 16, 2018

ď I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene, and wonder how he could love me, a sinner, condemned, unclean. How marvelous! How wonderful! And my song shall ever be: How marvelous! How wonderful is my Savior's love for me!Ē

Acts 5:19-20

19 But the angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them forth, and said,
20 Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.

Peter and John were in prison and the angels unlocked the doors. Some people might not think much of this, but it was one of the many miracles that are throughout the book of Acts. Ok, todayís Word of the Day is going to be some Bible reading today.

The new church was getting started and the disciples were empowered with the abilities to perform miracles to help grow Christianity throughout the world, as they knew it at the time.

Jesus last words were in Acts 1:8: ď But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.Ē

Letís get into the Word of GOD today and look up the following verses in regards to the miracles in the Book of Acts.

Acts 1:3: First miracle is the visible appearances of Christ after His death.

Acts1:9: Then He ascended into heaven in front of them. If you were not a believer before that moment, I would think you would be one after seeing that.

Acts 2:3: On Pentecost the visible manifestation of the Holy Spirit in tongues as of fire.

Acts 2:43: The apostles perform wonders and signs.

Acts 3:7-11: The healing of the lame man at the temple gate. This made a great impression on the whole city told in Acts 4:16-17.

Acts 5:15-16: People were healed in the surrounding cities by Peterís shadow.

Acts 6:8: Stephen ď full of faith and power Ē, performs great wonders and signs.

Acts 8:6-7: In Samaria, Philip does great miracles and signs and many people come to believe.

Acts 9:3-9: Saul is converted by the voice of Jesus Christ directly from heaven.

Acts: 9:32-35: In the City of Lydda, Peter heals Aeneas and the whole area is converted to Christ.

Acts 9:40-42: Peter in the city of Joppa, raises Dorcas from the dead and many are converted to Christianity.

Acts 10:3: Cornelius is converted by the appearance of an angel.

Acts 10:9-22: A voice from GOD sends Peter to Cornelius and convinces the Jews that Peter was right in Acts 11:15 & 18.

Acts 12:10: The prison gate opens of it own accord when Peter was imprisoned again.

Acts 13:11-12: The blinding of the sorcerer leads the proconsul of Cyprus to believe.

Acts 14:3-4: Paul does signs and wonders in Iconium, many are converted to Christ and in Lystra, the healing of the cripples makes the crowds think that Paul is god in Acts 14:8-18.

Acts 15:12-19: The signs and wonders among the Gentiles convinces the Jewish Christians that Paulís work among the Gentiles is of GOD.

Acts 16:16-34: In Philippi, Paul heals a fortune teller and the jailer is converted because of the earthquake. In Ephesus, 12 men spoke in tongues and prophesied in Acts 19:6 and special miracles are done by Paul in Acts 19:11-20 and makes the word of the Lord spread widely.

Acts 20:8-12: In Toroas, Paul raised a young man from the dead.

Acts 28:3-6: On Malta, the healing of Paulís hand from a viperís bite makes the locals think Paul is god and Paul heals all on the island who have sickness and diseases in Act 28:8-9.

If we take all the miracles out of the Book of Acts, there is not much left ( I know that all of GODís words are import and have value). However, some people disregard the value of these miracles but it still remains that GOD made abundant use of His signs and wonders in helping the apostles in giving Christianity a start throughout the world. I am amazed at the Word of GOD. We need to yield, reckon and obey GODís words. Apply them to your heart today. With GOD, all things are possible.

ď Every promise we can make, Every prayer and step of faith, Every difference we can make. Is only by His grace. Every mountain we will climb, Every ray of hope we shine, Every blessing left behind Is only by His grace. Grace alone Which God supplies. Strength unknown He will provide Christ in us, our cornerstone. We will go forth in grace alone.Ē

Timothy P. Furness
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