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Coyotoe pelts

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keep your best hide, sell the rest, google moyles for a place to tan yours using the money from the hides you sell, learn to put hides up and you'll pay for the tanning with fewer hides sold. contact a trapper to show you how to put them up, or sell them green to that trapper, he would probably be more fair than a buyer.
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Originally Posted by Domesox View Post
A friend of mine has a serious coyotoe problem on his property. We are going to take care of it this weekend. I was wondering if any of y'all had dealings with a Taxidermist that would be willing to take multiple pelts as a payment for one finished pelt I can mount on my wall. I don't want to kill them and have them go to waste. I have tried calling a couple of places around but wasn't able to get ahold of anyone. All & all I'm just wondering what the chances of one accepting other pelts as payment would be or just taking them off my hands. Like I mentioned before I don't want them to go to waste.
Now that right there is funny! The coyote is perhaps the most adaptive animal in the Country. There will be one around to whiz on the last white man's grave. You won't "Take Care of IT" in a lifetime. Have fun trying, but you will win some kind of award if you succeed.
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Southeast Missouri here......I Hunt Coyotes pretty well year round and only stop when Your not allowed to hunt them in April and a few weeks into May during Spring Turkey Season and when the Females are having their Pups!

The best time to Hunt Coyotes for their Fur is late Nov,Dec,Jan and Feb and possibly March if cold weather holds out?I usually give my Coyotes to the local Trappers,several have offered to skin a nice one out and have it Tanned for me to hang on the wall and I plan on having a few shoulder mounted when I get an exceptional one that's a neat Color Phase!

It can get expensive having a Full Mount done but would be nice to have 1 to add to my Deer/Buck Mounts,a Bobcat mount would be even nicer since they are so nice looking and elusive!
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I have to ask. Why would your state have a closed period of time what you cannot kill coyotes? Why would they want them to reproduce?
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Buy a book a learn to do it yourself. Its not hard just a bunch of handwork.

The way that we do do it is a chemical tan with alum.
a pint of alum in a bucket of water deepnenough to cover the hide.
1. Flesh hide
2 soak in alum and water for 3 days
3 take out of bucket and let dry
4 work hide until soft across a piece of metal. I use an old garden hoe with the edges rounded off.
5. Sand the leather until white
6. Rub down inside with a leather conditioner and turn inside out or lay flat however you skinned it

I dont do coyotes because I hate fleas and ticks but I have done a bunch of deer.
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