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bronko22000 08-19-2021 08:13 AM

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Originally Posted by Olde NE Hunter (Post 4395948)
I have a fixed power scope (4x) on my 10/22 and irons sights on my 39A and an old Mossberg 34.
I'll look into a different scope and bases for the 10/22 in the mean time.......

My uncle had an old Mossberg 342 and maybe one of his boys has it now. The tip of the forearm (about 8" or so) was on a hinge and would fold down to act as a vertical handle. It was ugly and looked like a club. It was topped with an old 22 scope - one of those old skinny jobs. But boy could that rifle shoot. I remember taking it out with my two cousins and we were all saying - NO WAY. That rifle would make any target 22 sweat. At 25 yards it was shooting such tight groups it was insane.

Ridge Runner 08-21-2021 03:38 AM

been doing it for years! great fun

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