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6.5 Creedmoor vs 308 Winchester: A Battle of Ballistic Coefficients

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Gotta say, this topic has had some interesting takeaways on calibers and intended uses. Even a few surprises. I never thought anybody would use a 17 hummer for deer but more power to ya. It does make sense with a damage permit where you prolly don't want over penetration of anything.

Saw what you will about flags memes but he does post some hilarious memes that are so f'ing accurate about stuff too. I read flags posts because he has a lot of hunting experience and often puts things into perspective from that level and he's usually into using some caliber with a cool factor for hunting. I read NoMercy448's stuff because he pushes the envelope on what rifles can do long range and in competitions. Stuff I don't know about but enjoy reading. He picks his calibers based on what works best for him. And back in the day, Ridge Runner "used to" post about long range hunting and some of the purists (read whiners) bagged on him because they didn't think that was okay or cool. Screw em. He used to kill a lot more critters than any of the whiners did and he didn't have wounded ones running off. So each of you brings something a little different to the table and it's all good to read about. None of you are affected by the drivel most gun writers put out and would easily write more informative and better articles. Your dustup above is your business but the info is damn good to know.
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Originally Posted by flags
You Sir are the very epitome of pathetic. I have noticed on the reloading pages here that you seem to think only your viewpoint is correct. Newsflash: you just ain't that bright. Now lets see if you put me on ignore or if you respond yet again. Balls in your court Otis.
^^^ Boy, Did U Nail That Correctly Flags, a Legend in one's own mind without backup info but a helluva lot of Rederick. " I read Nom______8's stuff because he pushes the envelope on what rifles can do long range and in competitions " < maybe Shines there ~ but the game shooting Practices expressed, kinda reminds me of the mexican muley-poach-camp shooters at the ridge down in San Diego ( where it's Quantity Not Quality ) . there's 2 expressions I learned in AA starting 35 yrs. ago : ' some people just have Broken Perceptors' # 2 "They are not at fault , They seem to have been born that way ".
btw - regarding the .257"s- I'll take My Eny M17 Eddystone 25-06 all day long and the barrel still has plenty of life left , killed ALOT of game with it. ( Lope and Deer Not Target competition , never cared to go there . also , a good 130gr. in the 270 win is definitely > no need for Creed ( for Game) I could care less 1 way or the other about johnny-come-lately cartridges but I did build a 7-08 for my Gal back in 06 cause it shoots easy and well for her.
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Originally Posted by CalHunter
I would enjoy reading about other calibers as well. The gun mags don't have much incentive to write about other calibers since their job is to advertise.
oh ~ like Col. Graig Oglethorpe Doddington III - Jr. ?

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