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The Passion

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Default RE: The Passion

Carp... I think that it one of the greatest benefits to this movie - The generation of questions and the pursuit of answers - if it leads people to the lord, I don't know how much a tool such as this matters.

God works all things for good
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Default RE: The Passion

Just a question that was posed to me. Is it wrong, or disingenuous for a non-believer to seek salvation because of a movie? I say whatever brings you is wonderful.
I haven't seen 'The Passion' yet, and I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that I'm not the "holiest of rollers". However, it's my opinion that 'The Passion' is more a visual representation of the gospel than a movie (in the entertainment sense).
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Default RE: The Passion

Just a question that was posed to me. Is it wrong, or disingenuous for a non-believer to seek salvation because of a movie? I say whatever brings you is wonderful.
I honestly don't think so. Although I haven't seen the movie yet, it is obviously designed to make you THINK about what really happened and to understand it better. An old saying says a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this movie will help many people have a better understanding of what Christ actually went through and how much love he displayed for us.
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Default RE: The Passion

Carpicon, what did you think of the movie? Let's hear your review when you get a minute.
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Default RE: The Passion

Johnny, I'd love to tell you what I thought. The problem is that I haven't been able to properly organize my feelings on the movie into a coherent essay. It's kind of a jumble of thoughts and rather disjointed. I'm also going to get into what I got out of specific scenes. I may ruin some things, but if you want to form your own opinion, wait until you see the movie. It's also going to be long...I've got a lot to say. If you can look past all that, here goes.

We live in a world where what we see is more powerful and carries more weight that what we read or hear about. Video footage of a child being slapped or a dog being beaten induces more public outcry than reading in a newspaper that a man threw his newborn child into a portable toilet to die. People have been stripped of their imagination and visualization skills by a mass media/entertainment industry that seeks to show everything and explain everything. We don't truly think about that which we cannot see because we no longer have to. This is not exactly a new concept, just exaggerated. The Roman Catholic Church for centuries have used rituals and reenactments to help people understand Christ's suffering (e.g. The Stations of the Cross).

With that in mind, I believe it's extremely difficult, if not impossible to truly understand the level of suffering, both physical and spiritual, that Jesus went through for us. This film helps. It's a stark reminder of the willing sacrifice of a loving god. It's brutal. It's condemning. It's painful. Ultimately, it's uplifting. Interestingly enough, I would liken the movie to Yoda's Cave in The Empire Strikes Back. "What's in there?" Luke Skywalker asks. Yoda's answer? "Only what you take with you."

The movie opens up with Isaiah 53:5 prominently displayed. "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." 700 B.C. I've heard this verse a dozen times in my life, but it really drives home the point that what we are about to see is not a simple time and place in history, but the single most important event in humankind.

Things you never think about are forced upon you.
- Jesus's utter torment and pleas for strength and conviction in the Gethsemane.
- Just how far Jesus had to carry his cross up to Golgotha, and his condition when he did it.
- What must Mary have gone through, watching her son beaten and put to death.
- Why were most of his disciples notably absent through his ordeal?

The movie is rife with symbolism and visual cues. I've been thinking about them ever since I saw it, and this is how I interpreted them, perhaps you'll see something different.
- In Gethsemane, Jesus is being tempted by Satan and in one shot, you see a snake slither out from under his robe. This happens just as Jesus is steeling himself to go and accept his burden. He crushes the snake under his heel and walks away. I took this as Jesus destroying not only Satan's influence over us, but the burden that Original Sin holds over us.

- There are a myriad of people that Jesus comes into close contact with during his ordeal: Malchus, the high priest's servant who loses his ear, Simon of Cyrene, Veronica, the "malefactor" on the cross next to him, the Centurion who pierces Jesus's side. Each one of them, after their personal contact with Jesus is changed forever, and the actors portraying them conveys it beautifully.

- Satan and his demons have a huge role in all this. There is a shot where Satan and Mary make eye contact, and Satan appears as he often does, mocking Jesus and the Christian faith. The film shows him in this shot, carrying a child, who shows signs of advanced aging. A kind of Anti-Mary, which is both chilling and compelling at the same time.

- Gibson's vision of the earthquake and tearing of the curtain in the temple is beautiful and gut-wrenching.

- The flashbacks to Jesus's ministry and previous portions of his life are extremely effective both in telling the back-story and giving the viewer a respite from the torture of Christ. They are placed at the perfect time to convey the true messages of hope, faith, love and forgiveness.

It's the most remarkable film I've ever seen. I desperately want to go see it again, not so much because I liked it, but because I needed it.
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Default RE: The Passion

Thanks Carp........I have not seen the movie and I figured I would wait till it came out on DVD but I don't think I will. I got my wife to call the theatre today to get the times for it. Your review mirrors many others that I have read. I will give mine once I see it. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

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