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Rules Violations

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

Rules Violations

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Default Rules Violations

We're in the midst of a heated political season and some members are starting to violate HNI's rules. The rules link is at the top of the page but some people apparently haven't read the rules or have decided they don't apply to you. At present, one member is on a 2-month temp ban for numerous rules violations. I've quoted the rules below with the link for people to refer to. A Reader's Digest or cliff notes version of the rule would be don't cuss, call each other names, troll other people or say stuff that reflects badly on hunting. If you have any questions, please PM me.


Message Board/Chat Room Rules

By HuntingNetcom Staff on January 1, 2008 General, Pages, staticpagesHuntingNet.com has put the following rules in place on our message board and chat room to ensure enjoyment by all users. Our goal is to make sure these forums are a positive learning and interactive experience for everyone. Users who violate the rules will be entered into a database of Banned Users. This information will include your IP address (a unique number assigned by your Internet provider), so we can track you—and ban you—even if you post under multiple names and/or email addresses. Posting using someone else’s alias or multiple aliases is strictly prohibited.

The popularity of our Bulletin Board System necessitates HuntingNet.Com establish an extensive list of rules for all forums. The establishment of these rules have been given much consideration by HuntingNet.Com. These rules have been established to create a professional atmosphere in all of our forums, including the HuntingNet.Com chat room. All persons posting in these forums should be treated with respect and in a manner which will create an enjoyable positive experience for all. These rules are not contestable.

HuntingNet.Com has a group of Moderators who help patrol the posts and topics on these forums. These individuals have donated their time to assist us in making this a popular place to come visit and share information with fellow hunters. Please keep this in mind and treat all moderators with the utmost respect.

Though we strive to maintain the same objectives throughout these forums, it is impossible for us to always be consistent from one moderator or administrator to another. If you have a problem or have caught something you feel is in direct violation with the rules of HuntingNet.Com, please email [email protected] and we will try to address the problem as soon as possible.

The staff of HuntingNet.Com reserves the right to remove any post, topic or person for any reason we see fit.

Please follow the set of rules listed below and help keep HuntingNet.com a great place for all members to visit.

1. No vulgar language or profanity – This includes inappropriate words, inappropriate sexual references and other vulgar statements. There are word filters in place for a reason, DO NOT try to bypass them with alternate characters or spellings.

2. No threatening, abusive or harassing comments.

3. No slanderous or libelous posts – Knowingly making false claims about a company, organization or an individual are illegal and thus prohibited.

4. No topics and/or statements which could be used to reflect poorly on hunting, archery or firearms. Anti-hunting and other posts indicating a stance against the hunting, archery or the firearm industry will be removed and your account will be banned.

5. No discussion or challenge to our editing policy are allowed within the forums. If you disagree, or want clarification as to why a particular topic, post or individual was removed, you must email [email protected]. HuntingNet.Com moderators, administrators and staff will NOT respond to any inquiries or challenges of these rules or decisions on the public forum. However, we will respond to email or private message inquiries.

6. Please do not post anything that could be used by “anti-hunting” groups to support their cause. Remember, it is easy to take comments out of context. Keep this in mind as you post, since anti-hunting groups may visit this site in search of ammunition for their cause.

7. No advertising or product marketing. No commercial ads allowed in any part of the HuntingNet Forums except the Classifieds section.. Hunting Net has a free classified ads section for personal advertisements. An advertisement is categorized as an outright attempt to solicit business. Any such posts will be removed.

8. Do not engage in “flame-wars” or excessive exchange of confrontational postings. Debate is important, but users should not try to “pick a fight” with one another.

9. Do not include HTML in your postings. Any mistake could make the remaining messages unreadable by other visitors. HTML can also be misused to link to inappropriate material. A misspelling or error in any html could cause problems with the server.

10. Linking – Links to products and personal pages will be tolerated. You may not link to any direct competitor of HuntingNet.com or link to just advertise a product or service. We reserve the right to delete any link for any reason

11. No spamming; do not post the same message in every topic with different titles, but with the same message. Only post your message into the topic it most relates too.

12. While we encourage lively debate, we will not tolerate personal attacks. Any person attacking another forum member will receive a warning and have their message removed. Any future incident thereafter will result in that member being removed from the forum.

13. Members are to respect the designated TOPIC AREAS when posting their message. This includes off-topic and sales information that does not belong in the Main Forum area. Those who post messages not relating to the topic area, will have the threads closed or the posts deleted.

14. The inclusion of pictures within messages is allowed on this site. Referring to images on other sites should be done so sparingly if at all. This not only uses up bandwidth between sites, but often the images are copyrighted and protected by that site. Images or links to images are not to be included on our site without the express written permission of the owner of the copyrighted image(s). When posting images try to them under 640 x 480 resolution and under 20K.

15. Posts directed to a specific person can be considered off topic and will be deleted by our moderators.

16. Brand Bashing and generally argumentative posts will not be tolerated. Legitimate posts regarding problems that you have experienced with a particular piece of equipment or service will be allowed. However, posts that are directly bashing a product or manufacturer are not allowed on HuntingNet.com. These forums and chat room are designed as a place for hunters to gather to exchange stories, advice, and meet other hunters from around the world – not to argue amongst ourselves or to talk down about any individual business or product. All posts of this nature will be removed and disciplinary action will be taken against their author.

17. Forum rules and guidelines are not up for debate. This is not a democracy, but rather a private forum. Anyone openly debating the rules we have set in place will be removed. Moderators of this forum are not to be argued with when enforcing forum rules and guidelines. Anyone arguing with a Moderator against disciplinary measures will be removed from the forum. If you have a problem with a Moderator please email [email protected] and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, HuntingNet.Com and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We reserve the right to revoke your membership to the forum or disable your posting ability for any or no reason whatsoever.

We at HuntingNet.com also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. If you have any questions about these rules or want to report an infraction of the rules, send an email to [email protected].
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2021 UPDATE--

The 2020 election and aftermath has been unique and historic. Some of the major internet platforms have de-platformed entire websites over allegations of violation of contracts and many like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have censored or removed individual's accounts they don't agree with. At HuntingNet (HNI), the Political forum has always been a fairly open forum where members can express their political views, beliefs and concerns whether other members and moderators agree with them or not. That is a policy I have tried to adhere to since I became a mod in the early to mid 2000's. While HNI encourages and tries to protect each member's freedom of speech, we also have some rules that are posted above. If you're following the rules above, I may not agree with you but I will certainly defend your right to post opinions that I disagree with or even think are just plain wrong. I may even engage in a little debate from time to time.

Having said that, I would remind all members to read and follow the above rules. I try not to nitpick members but I still enforce these same rules. If a complaint is made, I review the individual post and then all of the posts for that entire topic. Often the person complaining is engaging in rules violations also and both parties have their posts edited and possible disciplinary action taken. I prefer to temp ban people if a ban is needed because it gives people a chance to correct their behavior and still participate in the debates at HNI. These days, it's getting harder to find a place where both sides can actually debate issues and not be cancelled or shut down because their opinion isn't popular or the platform disagrees with what they've said. And such debate is needed now more than ever.

So feel welcome to post your opinions on issues you care about in one of the freer forums on the net. Just mind the rules above which are there to keep the place civil and help encourage more people to join and participate. And if you're simply lurking, consider this an invite to join and participate in these worthy debates.


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