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today's "McCarthyism"

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

today's "McCarthyism"

Old 09-08-2019, 10:36 AM
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Default today's "McCarthyism"

I watched a movie recently titled "Trumbo." This is about Hollywood screenwriter James Dalton Trumbo who was called to testify to congress about his knowledge about the propagation of communist thought in the movie industry, did not answer questions posed to him, was charged and convicted of contempt of congress, and served time in jail/prison for this crime. After he was released he was stigmatized by the movie industry which refused to hire him to write screenplays and refused to buy his screenplays. This was called "blacklisting." The whole focus of the movie was how unfair and how un-American this kind of persecution for one's political opinion this was. First, note it was not the federal government that engaged in this persecution. He was investigated. He refused to answer questions. This was a crime. He was punished for committing that crime. It was free men and women in the movie industry who "boycotted" his work, who in effect "blacklisted" him. The movie brought in the notion of first amendment rights. But the government is enjoined from restricting one's associations and one's expression. It wasn't the government who restricted Trumbo. That was a transparent red herring. Free men can choose not to hire whoever they choose not to hire, they can choose to not buy screenplays from someone. Refusing to purchase a man's screenplays does not suppress his first amendment rights!

My question. What is the difference between this blacklisting of such people during the McCarthy era and the like treatment today of people who are associated in one way or another with Trump? Hasn't Maxine Waters called for worse treatment of Trump supporters and Trump administration personnel? Wasn't Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family driven from a restaurant by anti-Trump workers in the restaurant? Haven't other Republicans been treated in this way? Aren't people currently trying to identify and publicize business owners in Philadelphia who support Trump whereby to promote boycotting -- dare I use the word -- "blacklisting" these businesses? How many other examples of this blacklisting could we identity? And yet, in the 1950s the overwhelming majority of people would have condemned communism as espoused by those who were blacklisted. For example, Trumbo was an actual card carrying communist and did not deny this fact. But in the case of Trump supporters, very nearly 1/2 of the electorate voted for Trump. It isn't exactly a fringe political position.

I welcome comments on this new form of political cleansing that the progressives and leftists are attempting, the new blacklisting movement. How can they be so hysterically sacrosanct and self-righteous in their actions when it is EXACTLY the same behaviour that they condemned the McCarthyism phenomenon for?

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The reason the Hollywood crowd stayed away and shunned Trumbo was more because they were afraid to associate with him for ear they would be under suspicion of being a communist, not to punish him because he did nit testify. Hollywood really was a stink hole of leftists and communists. It still is. They just didn't want the bright light shinned on them. These is a difference in what was perpetrated on Trumbo by his own crowd, the left and what the left is now doing to people whose politics they disagree with. Trumbo was thrown out of the club out of fear, what is happening now is the left is spewing hatred because of different political goals for our country. In both cases the left, ie. democrats were and still are a bunch if disingenuous scum.
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"Blacklisting" - 1933 style, Nazi Germany. Don't buy from Jewish stores.

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Old 09-09-2019, 04:35 AM
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I agree with Oldtimr, blacklist in Hollywood was out of fear. It was not a popular time to be a leftist much like how Oldtimr seems to feel today.

Driving someone out of a restaurant because of their associations is persecution. Not unlike what homer's photograph above shows.

All of these behaviors are toxic to a society.

Ironically as Oldtimer eludes to. McCarthy way underestimated to communist presence in the USA and yet we survived and grew...
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Old 09-09-2019, 05:24 AM
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The reason we survived is the commies were pretty much confined to Hollywood and Unions, he cold war also helped sensible Americans see the evil i Communism.
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