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Erno86 06-08-2019 10:37 AM

Are UFO's a Threat to National Security?
Based on my own double nighttime foo fighter November of 1976 --- approximately 40 miles west of Washington D.C. --- Yes they are.
But politics has played a big hand in preventing full UFO disclosure.

"This ex-U.S. official thinks they warrant investigation.
Chris Mellon believes that government should more aggressively gather intel on military UFO sightings, some of which were captured on video."


I'm opening this thread for a free-ranging topic on UFO's,

Feel free to comment...



Oldtimr 06-08-2019 10:42 AM

:lolabove::lolabove::lolabove: beam him up Scotty, he thinks the Moon Goomers are after him.

Erno86 06-08-2019 11:00 AM

Over the's been the U.S. Air Force Academy refusing to admit who is the real 'Top Gun' out there ruling our skies -- And it certainly isn't any of our flyboys from our planet --- I guarantee....

CalHunter 06-08-2019 11:22 AM

I don't remember the article but some scientist was saying we are the threat to UFO's and aliens. Go figure. The article didn't state the scientist's political party but I'm guessing Dem. :s3: I'm sure AOC will weigh in on this soon.

Erno86 06-08-2019 11:23 AM

Trump is just spinning his wheels....with his administration's idea of a U.S. Space Force --- What with the existential threat that these foo fighters are obviously capable of.

flags 06-08-2019 07:34 PM

In my ̣pinion the LIBs are a lot bigger threat to our national security than ET can ever be.

Champlain Islander 06-09-2019 04:45 AM

If ET is real I wonder why they don't take out LIL KIMMY for humanities sake?

mrbb 06-09-2019 06:15 AM

I would think if there are ET"S out there , they would be way smarter than our human race, and based on how so many humans here act and treat each other.
They would want NOTHING to do with us, minus , maybe watch and laugh at our behavior's!
like one of them dumb TV show's that show people living together and fighting over nothing,.
we would be entertainment of a sad type to them!.
I think we humans are more of threat to each other than any UFO"S would ever be!

Mickey Finn 06-09-2019 07:17 AM

There's no such thing as UFO's

Mickey Finn 06-09-2019 07:18 AM

Originally Posted by flags (Post 4356837)
In my ̣pinion the LIBs are a lot bigger threat to our national security than ET can ever be.

So says the retiree from the Industrial Military Complex. lol

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