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Secret Service Agents spill the beans

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

Secret Service Agents spill the beans


Old 05-28-2019, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MudderChuck View Post
I have a story about President Reagan when he was Governor, I was working construction and popped into a Deli restaurant to get some lunch. I was pretty dirty and ragged looking, I'd been working hard in the hot sun. Some guy at the next table was giving me the stink eye, no big deal, I made a lot of people uncomfortable trying to decide if I was Wolf or Dog. The guy with his back to me (Governor Reagan) turned around, glanced at me and told his bodyguard he's OK and to relax. Then started up a conversation about the menu, what was good etc.
A year later I popped out of the brush with my six dogs after three days Hog hunting and came face to face with a mounted group. Everybody got nervous, I had a rifle slung over my shoulder and the dogs were worrying the horses a little. Governor Reagan says he's OK I know him. He asked if my dogs were OK with horses, I said they aren't going to bother them and they know enough to stay out hoof range. He then offered me a drink of cold Lemonade, it was west coast mid-summer and hot, that lemonade really hit the spot.
My impression of President Reagan is he was generally a lot nicer than necessary, The German word is Mensch, which really doesn't translate well but roughly means a nice guy or gentleman.
Thanks for sharing that story (though you left out the breeding of the hounds). These incidents sometimes give you a genuine insight into the depth of character of people.

Reagan always seemed okay to me.
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Old 05-28-2019, 08:48 AM
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While not secret service, I did know the Corpsman Chief Petty Officer who was the head of the executive detail at Bethesda when Slick Willy was in office. The Pres and family and the Vice Pres and family get all their medical needs attended to in DC by the USN at Bethesda and the executive detail is who handles that. This Chief told me that Broom Hilda was the vilest and most repugnant human being he had ever been around. He said she was rude, crude, arrogant and treated everybody like crap. Knowing the character and the professionalism of this Chief I have no reason not to believe him.

for what it is worth, there are some former FBI agents that worked closely with the WH and their views pretty much mirror those stated above by the SS guy. But the LIBs still won't believe it because it shows their LIB heros in rather unfavorable light and they just can't believe that the bums were actually bums. Get it?
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Old 05-29-2019, 08:25 AM
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I have similar story like Chief Flags had just mentioned...

Back when I was in the I.T. industry on a government contract working for HP, we were in the secure computer operations dept, working 24/7/365 (three shifts, including holidays). We got to know the nighttime security detail real good, as they'd come into our dept on third shift, grab a chair and hang out for a few minutes.

One of the guys was retired military and was in DC working as a base MP when Clinton was in office. He knew the guys on the presidential security detail extremely well. He told some some of the things The Hildabeast would often do when the cameras weren't rolling. The security detail absolutely HATED her with a passion. Everything you have heard or read about her is absolutely true! The meanest, most vile, most evil, cold hearted women there ever was!

Still to this day, I have no reason to doubt the retired MP who worked nighttime security for us. Seriously, the guy wouldn't lie. He was just stating facts that we pretty much already knew.
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Old 05-29-2019, 12:16 PM
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Well I listened to the book and it was VERY entertaining. I was very surprised by the demands on agents and the lack of concern for the agents from the higher ups that the author describes. Just the entertainment value of the book makes it easy to suggest reading or listening.
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Old 06-06-2019, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by flags View Post
"the vilest and most repugnant human being he had ever been around. He said she was rude, crude, arrogant and treated everybody like crap."
Troops would usually trip over each other for a chance to have lunch with their Senator or Representative. In 2003-2004 Iraq, hers was the only CODEL we had to "volun-tell" Soldiers they'd be dining with her. The hate flowed both ways. My own brief encounter with her left a very permanent impression. I can't even imagine had she won the 2016 election... Just can't.... Re-read the quote above.
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