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Drain the Swamp at the Source


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Default Drain the Swamp at the Source

Has everyone forgotten the "Monroe Doctrine" and what it really means????

European influence aside,,, the US has a direct sphere of influence in the Americas and we call the shots if we so choose.

I haven't heard the left or the right discuss this or the idea that Central America has a HUGE problem with corruption.

Why is no one asking/discussing what is causing all these migrants to leave Honduras Nicaragua Guatemala etc. etc. ????

Why are the hispanic folks not willing to call out their own governments and demand a change/intervention to straighten out their own lands. Then they could have jobs and a stable political environment at home and NO NEED to come north....

They are allowing their own countries to be ruled by Gangsters and then expecting the USA to take them in... Drain the swamp at the source,,, take out the corrupt regimes like President George HW Bush did and stabilize the nations,,

George HW Bush took out the Gangster Noriega in Panama when it became a corrupt $hit-hole,,, Now that's an idea that hasn't been recalled or brought up in the recent debate.

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...the idea that Central America has a HUGE problem with corruption.

It is a good idea but I don't see it happening. For starters we can barely control the corruption in our own government. And secondly, putting on my conspiracy hat, the politicians want the immigrants: republicans for the cheap labor and democrats for the government dependents and voters.

Mexico should be a first world economic power. Mexico has a lot of minerals, easy access to two oceans, excellent weather and they are our neighbor. But as we all know Mexico is a poor country.
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