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JagMagMan 08-05-2018 02:42 PM

Not (FAKE) News Worthy
I have my 7 year-old Grandson down here for a couple of weeks before school starts in Oklahoma. Saturday night I took him to see some bull riding and a country music show in a little town of Winnie Texas. (On I-10, between Houston and the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.) BTW, we had a great time!
Anyway conservatively, I'd say there were about 3,000 people there. Mostly White, Black and Hispanic, along with others races too. I couldn't help but observe that as an invocational prayer was said, everyone stood silent!
Not one single person sat during the National Anthem! Everyone stood at attention, hand or hat over their hearts and just about all of us sang the Star Spangled Banner together! As I said, no one sat in protest, no one burned a flag, and no one started a riot! Just a fun night in Southeast Texas!
I'm not saying that we don't have our share of lefties and fake news media in our area, but there's nothing (fake) news worthy of good American people, having good, old-fashioned fun on a Saturday night without protests, shootings and rioting !:patriot: :patriot:

Oldtimr 08-05-2018 03:23 PM

That is because none of those "Americans" at the function earned several million dollars a year for playing a game, and have their backsides kissed by their employers, they understand that if they did not live in America their life would be a lot worse and they were not pandering to the ghetto welfare crowd who live off the hard work of those they are constantly attacking and bad mouthing. You will never see the main stream media at a function like you took your grandson to because the media wants to run down this country like the rest of the left wing traitors.

Alsatian 08-05-2018 05:18 PM

That sounds great. And that's the way it should be. But . . . I have heard there is talk in Austin of changing the name of the state capital of Texas because Stephen Austin was supportive of owning slaves. I live in Texas North of Dallas. That sounds totally f-ing ridiculous, but even in Texas the politically correct rot is gnawing away at things.

JagMagMan 08-05-2018 06:00 PM

Alsatian I have heard the same things. Austin is a pretty liberal city! Sadly, Austin could fit in well with any of the Left Coast states or the Northeast!
This is all more of the "PC NONSENSE," which is becoming more nauseous by the day! Tearing down statues, changing school, street and other names, is just another way of re-writing history! I believe it is a small minority of the leftist leadership that is constantly stirring the pot of HATE!
#1. Up until a couple of years ago, NONE of these symbols bothered ANYONE!
#2. Ignoring history, WILL NOT "CHANGE" history!
#3. Ignoring history, usually forces you to RE-LIVE history!
#4. (This is just my personal view.) Up until a certain clown, who's ONLY QUALIFYING GRACE," was that he "MIGHT," have been able to cement the last bricks of unification and equality, that would bring America AS CLOSE to being a "PERFECT SOCIETY" as humanly possible, INSTEAD, HE has set RACE RELATIONS back at least to the 50's & 60's, or worse!

JagMagMan 08-05-2018 06:24 PM

Originally Posted by Alsatian (Post 4339408)
But . . . I have heard there is talk in Austin of changing the name of the state capital of Texas because Stephen Austin was supportive of owning slaves....................... That sounds totally f-ing ridiculous, but even in Texas the politically correct rot is gnawing away at things.

Yep ! Exactly!
Not only Austin, but New Orleans and other places that have up until now, NOT been bothered by Civil War Heroes! (You already know my feelings on PC!)
Liberal influences are taking advantage of "the times we live in," to stir division and steer America towards Socialism!
We could write books on the Left's Socialist agenda, lies, and half-truths!
Here are only a select few:
* America takes in more immigrants than ALL OTHER NATIONS COMBINED!
* The Civil War was over much more than "slavery!"
* America was not the first nation, nor the last to support slavery!
* Slaves were sold into slavery, by THEIR OWN PEOPLE!
* The North had as many, if not more slaves as the South!
* Robert E. Lee did NOT own slaves!
* Ulysses S. Grant DID however, OWN SLAVES!

Americans should start thinking for themselves, not relying on being told by someone what to think!

Oldtimr 08-06-2018 03:12 AM

JagMag, the beauty of liberalism for liberals is that one does not have to think for themselves, they do not have to have any knowledge about anything, they do not need facts. The can just go through life being content to be fed everything their handlers in the democrat party feed them while exerting zero effort to learn anything about the country, about life in general and what happens when liberties are taken away from free citizens. They are comparable to potted plants that are only capable of receiving any kind of nutrition, for their tiny mind or for their stomachs from their handlers and happy they have to exert no effort to receive it. They are like parrots in a cage, fed and watered and in return they spew out the mindless drivel fed to them by their socialist handlers.

flags 08-06-2018 05:30 AM

That's because you, like me, are in TX and TX has always been a little different that the rest of the nation. Look at what Jerry Jones told his players. That BS don't fly down here.

JagMagMan 08-06-2018 05:32 AM

Very good comparisons OT! And some don't even have the intelligence of pot plants or parrots! Dumb as the dirt in the planter and the stuff in the bottom of the cage!

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