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JagMagMan 07-05-2018 09:41 AM

No More Fence to Sit On!
The left is becoming more deranged and desperate. Which in turn is making things more dangerous! The further left they lead their followers, the less excuse their followers have to be "fence sitters!" Fence sitters on the right and left will be forced to choose between standing for our American Constitution or standing for socialism! The fence is falling fast!
Below is just one more example of the left's insanity!

Oldtimr 07-05-2018 10:35 AM

They are getting crazier every day. That stupid leftist woman who climbed the outside of the statue of Liberty and got it closed down on the 4th of July. Then they had to risk the lives of rescuers to get the idiot down. They should have just left her up there until she got weak from lack of food and water and fell down or asked if there any squirrel hunters in the crowd.

JagMagMan 07-05-2018 03:01 PM

I agree OT! And that was a big, tough guy to steal a teenager's cap and throw a drink in his face!

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