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NRA splits with Open Carry Texas on demonstrations. >

NRA splits with Open Carry Texas on demonstrations.

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

NRA splits with Open Carry Texas on demonstrations.

Old 06-06-2014, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ckell View Post
What I saw and got out of it and take away from that video, was a group exercising a Constitutional right. I Saw no tension, no real confrontational behavior. The Texas Troopers where fallowing their instructions, they do not have to agree with those instructions, just fallow them. They remained calm, and professional, even jovial. The demonstrators were not threatening, loud and boisterous. Indeed jovial as well. There were people, bystanders in the back ground and walking around, looking on curiously, but not panic stricken, running and hiding in fear. The troopers were not rushing the passers by around, or rushing them to safety. Those who looked a little confused by the sight were calmly motioned by, and walked by looking a little curious more than anything else. Just My observations and opinion. Why should we open carry? Maybe so people will remember we do have that right and not feel threatened by the sight of guns. Just like we are not phased by the sight of a Police Officer with a gun. Think about it, in England to the English the sight of a Bobby (Police) with a gun would be a bit odd, or weird. Odd or weird is what you have been trained to perceive as such.
***That was pretty much my take on that entire video as well!
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Old 06-06-2014, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by sachiko View Post
The Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means. Please see my comments above about reading statutes.

Show me where the Constitution conveys a right to an abortion. The Constitution conveys a right to an abortion because the Supreme Court SAYS it does.
we agree on something. your getting there.
Now, what gives the SC cause to interpret? And if "that" is the cause what is the fix?

When the fix is implemented what effect will that have on governments influence?

Can relying on government to be the fix ever work if it's influence is the result of the "cause"? Only working on the "cause" will limit governments influence.

"a republic if you can keep it" A state of law that the people must not violate in order to keep their freedom. What law if the laws of man are up to interpretation? Mans laws in fact were based on higher law and any interpretation of them is a reflection of the nations soul.

Still think voting for a lessor evil is the fix of the "cause"? It isn't even an option unless suicide is the goal. What does that say about those who use it as a rallying cry?
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Old 06-06-2014, 02:48 PM
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Kind of off topic, but today is a day we recognize as a day in history when 1000s of men died gaining a foot hold in Europe, stopping the Nazis and insuring we can now carry out these discussions not only in English, but even at all.
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Old 06-06-2014, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by ckell View Post
Kind of off topic, but today is a day we recognize as a day in history when 1000s of men died gaining a foot hold in Europe, stopping the Nazis and insuring we can now carry out these discussions not only in English, but even at all.
***And a good one to go off topic on! Bless them one and all!!!
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Old 06-09-2014, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by sachiko View Post
There is absolutely no reason to carry openly. Why do it? To exercise your second amendment rights? Do you go to church just to exercise your first amendment rights? Do you criticize the government just to exercise your first amendment fights? Of course not. You have a reason to criticize the government or attend church. The second amendment gives you the right to carry, but what is your reason for carrying openly?
If I had the option of open carrying a handgun, I would do so.

First, if open carry is legal, then I don't have to worry about accidental imprinting or display, which Texas has tried to address some legislatively already.

Second, in warm weather, concealed carry becomes much more difficult. I can conceal a lot of things with a coat or a vest. I can't conceal nearly as much in jeans and a western shirt. Since concealing is much more difficult, I'm also more limited in what I can carry vs. what I can conceal. I can shoot several of my full-size handguns fairly well. They all have excellent sights, excellent triggers, and are rigged for low-light shooting.

Smaller guns that are capable of concealment in almost all conditions generally require me to go down in caliber, and downgrade in trigger and sights. Everything is smaller, including the grip and the trigger. My fingers do not fit comfortably between the trigger and the trigger guard, and the grips are small and uncomfortable. Making me conceal in the summertime essential makes me trade off a firearm that I can shoot well for one I cannot.

Thirdly, if some bad guy has it in his tiny little deranged brain he's gonna try to kill me, I have no guarantee he is going to try to do so with a pocket pistol. It is very possible to be armed and still severely outgunned. it is also possible to hit the bad guy with a couple of rounds from a small caliber pistol and the bad guy still be in the fight. With my .45, it doesn't take many hits and the bad guy is out of commission.

Lastly, open carry is kind of the same principle as a rattlesnake having rattles. Rattlesnakes do bite, but they would prefer to simply be left alone. The rattle is there because the snake would prefer to ward off would-be attackers rather than bite.

Criminals are stupid, but most value their lives. They like easy targets that don't fight back. I know from experience nothing frightens most of them like encountering a citizen with a gun during the commission of their crime. If I'm open carrying, it is very likely bad guy will simply avoid me and go do his bidding elsewhere. Those around me will also benefit from me being able to open carry, as my presence would act to deter most criminal acts in my vicinity. If I'm concealed carrying, then bad guy doesn't know I have a gun until I produce one. By law, I should be to the point where deadly force is justified before I produce my weapon. Bad guy may have already escalated the encounter to the point of which I have no more options other than the use of deadly force. I'm not just concealing the gun, I'm concealing the deterrent effects of the gun.
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North Texan makes some very good and reasonable points. But I'm still not convinced. I'm pretty cool about guns and carry myself. In the summer, my husband wears a shirt outside his pants which covers his gun, carried over his hip, inside the belt. I have a purse, which is always with me which is designed for concealed carry.

I'm not afraid of guns, but seeing someone carrying one strapped to his hip makes me wonder about that person. So, while I believe open carry should be legal, I don't think you should do it. My husband, by the way, agrees with me. I don't think I would be posting this if he didn't.

I think it should be legal even though I don't like to see it, because I'm opposed to unnecessary restrictions on guns.
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