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Kybuckhunter 10-13-2013 02:59 PM

A little food stamp story...
A friend relays his experience the other day....

He goes into a convenient story and a young lady is in line paying for a couple of cigar or "blunts". She needed 30 cents having enough cash and she ask her friend for the money and she says she didn't have it either. The girl ask if they take the food stamp card and she said yes. So she gets a pack of gum and pays for it and gets change of twenty so she walked out with cash in hand as well as her "blunts".

My friend told the worker behind the counter that the girl didn't seem to be the cigar smoking type. She explained that they cut the cigars down the middle and refill them with weed. He said you learn something new everyday and left....

He also told me just a day later another girl was in the grocery story and ask if they give change with the card. She said yes. The cashier gets a pack of Juicy Fruit and rings it up then gives her $20 cash.

This is what the food stamp program is and how it's scammed. The liberal will tell you they are saving the people from staving and that may be the case for a very few. Too many are just bending us over and laughing all the while they fire up a fatty.....

Champlain Islander 10-13-2013 03:20 PM

Sad fact but not entirely unexpected.

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