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So what now?

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Default So what now?

What happens now that we are AA-plus? Any predictions on the stock market come Monday?

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I'm not sure how the market will react. They should be nervous and distrusting. As far as the direct impact upon all of us little guys, I'm going to be curious to see how soon it affects interest rates which should start heading upward.
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The market on Monday will be influenced by the actions of other world markets that open before Wall St.

Standard and Poors says they will downgrad the rating again if the politicians in DC do not get the deficit under control. If the US gov't were a corporation the rating would be in the junk bond range.
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We begin to throw the old farts over the cliff. Screw'em.
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Any predictions on the stock market come Monday?
Jeepkid: I honestly do not know. Many people feel that the markets have already accounted for this. I have stop losses in place for my positions. But as CalHunter said the markets will be nervous and nervous markets go down.
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As a local radio station put it this morning.
Welcome to Jimma Carter part 2.

We have essentially the same situation as Carter did.

A commander in chief who has no idea what he's doing. Nor any idea how to get done what he want's to get done.
Couple that with the fact the He's a an extreme ideologue.

As well as high gas prices, falling markets, high unemployment, a deep recession, impending inflation from the de-valuing of the dollar.

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I think sconnyhunter said it all.How's that "change"?AAA now AA,that is change.lol if I wasn't ready to cry.What will my grand kids be stuck with.
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Sconny has it right. We are in for a huge slide until the damage and administration changes.
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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
We begin to throw the old farts over the cliff. Screw'em.
start with your old man..LOL

The try me
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Originally Posted by Venator2 View Post
start with your old man..LOL

The try me
reading some of your posts in this forum, you either have a foot already in the grave or ready to be committed to a mental hospital. I can see your kids circling your piggy bank already.
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