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Here is a better immigration option. >

Here is a better immigration option.

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

Here is a better immigration option.

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Default Here is a better immigration option.


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Chicanos amuse me when they wax poetic about "The good ol' days when Mexico owned the US". None of them are old enough to remember those days, most have never even lived in Mexico. They also forget that the rose colored glasses of nostalgia sometimes obscure the eyes to the truth. Before Mexico gained independance it was a territory of Spain for hundreds of years, a period marked by genocide of native peoples, rape of resources, oppressive authoritarian governments, and a populace reduced to peons comparable to the serfs of fuedal Europe. Yeah...wonderful time. After that the country entered it's current period, one marked by corruption, oppressive authoritarian governent, crushing poverty, and a populace still reduced to peon status. So what makes idiots like him think that they could do any better? History has repeatedly shown that no incarnation of Hispanic culture has ever been able to flourish for long, all have degenerated one way or another. As for the clown in the video, if Mexico is so damned great then why doesn't he live there?
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Sniper towers? There was a time that we shot invaders
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These people are absolute morons, they should be glad us "frail white capitalists" stole this land from them, if we didnt, it would still look like the stone age slum(mexico) they slithered across the border from. Im am so sick of arabs and hispanics openly plotting white peoples destruction, while we bicker about how to welcome them in to do it.
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I just saw this very moron in the video,interviewed on fox, say hes against capitalism, and believes in socialism, "socialism is practiced all around the world", he says. Wow! he voluntarily lives in the one country in the world that does not practice what he believes. Its amazing, these people are dead set on turning this country into the very thing they flee from How does someone like this dress themselves every morning??????

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I still say that if Sam Houston had not beat Santa Anna, and won Texas, the Mexicans would be swimming the Red River today to get into Oklahoma. Imagine that.

C. Davis
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