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Default Secession?

Reading the Montana thread made me get out my husband's copy of the Constitution and study it a bit. We, the people really do have the power to change our government without armed rebellion.

Article V describes the process to amend the Constitution. It's really not impossible. It's been done before.

Revising Article VI, Sec. 1, Clause 2, could reactivate the 10th Amendment and restore the type of government that the founders intended.

It might be necessary to work on Article III in order to put a leash on the Supreme Court.

We're unanimously in favor of that. Of course we're only sheep.
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Default RE: Secession?

Yep, a bunch of states tried the secession thing awhile back. Lots of folks died inthe unpleasantness that followed.
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Default RE: Secession?

If we forget our history or forget our past, we're bound to repeat it. Are the war clouds forming again?
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Default RE: Secession?

Those want to secede will not succeed.
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Default RE: Secession?

Go for it. I have heard that N California wants out too. Probably, if you keep paying taxes, noone will notice.
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Default RE: Secession?

Intersting thought. In who's hands would you like to place the power? As far as the eye can see those who would step up are in my mind disqualified from being anything but more of the same.

I don't see how it could be the answer. The only answere is people treating people right. If they did when the government came along and tried to put one group against another people just wouldn't listen. What we have are groups who's sole purpose for being is the destruction of another. What a waste of life yet it is glorified in our society. How many billions are spent in campagnes that never say diddly about what they will do, but loads about how evil the other is. Obama collected over 200 million dollars to destroy G. Bush.It's a sick world.

You wont like anyone who would led a revolt.
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