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Only in PA.....................

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

Only in PA.....................

Old 10-16-2008, 10:11 AM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

Isnt Murtha the one who was convinced that Iraq was completely lost. He hasn't had to much to say about that lately, so probably needs something else to gethis boxers in a bunchrag about.
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Old 10-16-2008, 10:16 AM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

Obama's comments on our actions in Afghanistan were worse in my opinion. No nation has ever done more to stave off collateral damage and civilian deaths than America has in that arena.

+1 and given half a chance would gut our military in a heartbeat and use the funds for his programs.
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Old 10-16-2008, 10:19 AM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

This is about the slimiest thing I have heard any politico do


Murtha sued over remarks
The Tribune-Democrat

In May 2006, six months after 24 people were killed in a small Iraqi town, U.S. Rep. John Murtha made a startling accusation.

American soldiers, he contended, had killed innocent civilians “in cold blood.”

Now, less than six weeks before the longtime Johnstown Democrat is up for re-election, a Marine involved in the now-infamous Haditha incident is suing Murtha for slander.

Justin Sharratt of Canonsburg, Washington County, left the Marine Corps last year. But he claims Murtha’s statements have caused “permanent, irreversible damage to his reputation.”

“What Murtha did is outrageous, and I am seeking punitive damages,” said Noah Geary, a Pittsburgh attorney representing Sharratt.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Pittsburgh.

It includes Murtha’s statements from nationally televised interviews in 2006, including an exchange during a CNN interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“There was an (improvised explosive device) attack, it killed one Marine, and then they overreacted and killed a number of civilians without anybody firing at them,” Murtha told Blitzer.

“That’s what you’re going to find out.”

At this point, though, seven of the eight servicemen charged in the incident have been cleared.

Geary said Sharratt was charged with three counts of unpremeditated murder but later was exonerated.

Sharratt, 24, was honorably discharged from the Marines, Geary said.

The lawsuit claims Murtha violated Sharratt’s constitutional rights to presumption of innocence and due process of law.

While Geary acknowledged that the congressman never mentioned his client by name, he said media reports did identify Sharratt. And the effects have been long-lasting, the attorney said.

“People see that on TV,” Geary said. “It becomes truth – it becomes a fact.”

He added that “Justin has had people approach him, giving him a hard time” in reference to Haditha.

And the suit says Sharratt has lost “significant employment opportunities” and “significant associational opportunities.”

Murtha, through a spokesman, offered no comment Thursday.

But when a different Haditha Marine filed a lawsuit against him in 2006, Murtha said he simply wanted to focus attention on troops who were “caught in the middle of a tragic dilemma” in war-torn Iraq.

“When I spoke up about Haditha, my intention was to draw attention to the horrendous pressure put on our troops in Iraq and to the cover-up of the incident,” Murtha said at the time.

The 2006 lawsuit is ongoing.

It was filed by Frank D. Wuterich, the only Marine not yet cleared in the Haditha incident.

Wuterich has pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges, The Associated Press reported.

Haditha has become a political issue in western Pennsylvania.

Diana Irey, a Republican Washington County commissioner, often spoke of the Haditha Marines during her unsuccessful 2006 campaign against Murtha.

Republican William Russell, challenging Murtha this year, has resurrected the theme.

In fact, Russell’s campaign Web site features a “personal video message” from Justin Sharratt’s father, Darryl. And Russell’s only television ad has focused on Murtha’s Haditha comments.

Geary denied that Sharratt’s lawsuit is connected in any way to the Russell campaign.

Instead, he said, the legal action must be filed now because a statute of limitations for slander lawsuits is about to expire.

“There’s no political motivation whatsoever,” Geary said. “This is purely a legal endeavor.”

Nevertheless, Russell issued a statement on Sharratt’s lawsuit Thursday.

“I sincerely hope that Congressman Murtha will use this opportunity to admit his mistake and take responsibility for the harm his false accusations have done to Justin Sharratt and his family,” Russell said.

“Justin’s right to justice goes beyond politics.”

Murtha has 60 days to respond to the lawsuit.
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Old 10-16-2008, 10:22 AM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

Murtha got somewhat of a free pass early on because he served in Vietnam as a Marine. But the free pass is pretty much gone as he has gotten more shrill and nutty.
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Old 10-16-2008, 11:09 AM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

Murtha is perfect for B.O.'s Sec. of Defense. "Birds of a feather fly together".
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Old 10-16-2008, 11:10 AM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

He is disgraceful, but manages to provide free rides for the Eastern PAinner citycrowd. He has never apologized for his accusations of murder (unfounded I might add, no charges) against against fellow marines and has degraded our armed service people by his actions and defeatist attitude. Yet, he is part of the gliteratti of Democrats that Eastern PA keeps voting in. Look at Rendell and his crew, constantly attack gun rights in PA. But hey you reap what you sow, so PA as a whole is sliding into a hole because of the democratic party, unions and demise of conservative values in the cities. I won ground therre and just keep paying my taxes, watching the pAPGC blow apart and the state I love so much degrade!!!!!!!!!!!! Now ask me what I really think>>>>>>>>>>
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Old 10-16-2008, 12:57 PM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

Would any expect any thing different? OOOhhhhhhhhh thats not what I meant, W.T.F.

Murtha Sorry for Calling Western Pennsylvania Racist
Democratic Rep. John Murtha backtracks on his statement that western Pennsylvania is "racist."
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Old 10-16-2008, 01:12 PM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

There you small town folks go, clinging to your guns and religion. Don't worry, I'm sure the socialists will make it all better.
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Old 10-16-2008, 03:52 PM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

hate to throw a wet blanket over the "bash murtha" party, but i suspect thatin at least some quarters of this state, he is correct. in time in this great commonwealth, i have heard the democratic nominee described in rather vulgar terms that can only be described as racist.
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Old 10-16-2008, 05:06 PM
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Default RE: Only in PA.....................

ORIGINAL: bawanajim


jim, you going conservative on us?
I always have been ,thats why I hate Wya so bad.

I truly believe this country has better people to offer, but greed and laziness has taken the place of patriotism and self worth.
Prefer kerry or gore ,do ya? Thats what we'd have right now without evil Wya so count your blessings cause the alternative moves in to the WH in jan.

I agree though, this country has better to offer, just look at the last rep. primary, but the party wont nominate them and if they did, the public wont vote for them, so we get what we deserve dont we?
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