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Ron Paul

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Default Ron Paul

This post is up to you. What do you think about Ron Paul. Just curious.
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Default RE: Ron Paul

I think Ron Paul has a decent platform, except for his Iraq policy, but doesn't seem very presidential or electable. Many independents and most Republicans will probably ignore him.
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Default RE: Ron Paul

Should quit flying the republican flag and become an indi or a libertarian. Oh, and RuPaul is more well known that him.
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Default RE: Ron Paul

I think he has a very good chance actually. People are tired of war and the government in our affairs and telling us what we can do and what we can't do.
I have never seen anyone talk with the passion for this country and it's people with confidence and believe in what he says. He has the best no flip flop record that I have ever seen,Bar none. He does got people from all walks of life joining him. From 911 truthers to anti war and people who just want us out of iraq right now for a lie of an invasion.. No other candidate has this kinda support.. Not one. To say he doesn't have a chance is not reallity when you look at his followers. 70+ % of americans want us out of Iraq. When they hear about Ron Pauls, We just walked in,We can just come home. That is very powerful and people hear that and agree. Well the majority that is.
Like I said, He has supporters from all walks of life.

He would, if elected president, wipe out all 22,000 unconstitutional gun control laws by executive order.

What other candidate would do that? None.He also has the hardcore pro gunners vote with that.. I am a hardcore gunner myself and he is my first choice. Huck is 2nd..
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Default RE: Ron Paul

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Default RE: Ron Paul

Ron Paul has some good ideas & some that aren't good. He is an isolationist, which is dangerous in today's world - the oceans do not protect us anymore. He does not have the temerity to be president.
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Default RE: Ron Paul

I think he's a crackpot and my wife thinks he's a Larry Craig.
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Default RE: Ron Paul

People get it wrong about Ron Paul being a isolationist. He is far from it I have to say. In his own words.

http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=Rep.+Ron+Paul%3A+I+advocate+ the+same+foreign+policy+the+Founding+Fathers+would &articleId=cc287b0f-941c-4b07-88e9-9e992810f700
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Default RE: Ron Paul

He is solid on a lot of important issues but these two things pretty much disqualify him.

1. He does not even appear presidential.
2. He will never get the Republican nomination by over using the word "neocon"

C. Davis
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Default RE: Ron Paul

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Quick Reply: Ron Paul

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