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coolbrze0 03-08-2017 02:10 AM

South Africa hunting safari
When is a good time of year to hunt South Africa? Is there a rainy season or some time of the year we would want to stay away from? Preferably sometime between April & November if there's a good time of year during that timeframe...

Kingsview Safaris 03-13-2017 07:18 AM

Hi Coolbrze0

Weather patterns vary in South Africa region to region. For example the Northern parts of South Africa such as the Limpopo Province will generally get their summer rains during this time (October-February) while down in the Southern parts here in the Eastern Cape our rainfall comes in the winter months May to August. That being said we have just gone through quite a drought and did not receive any rain these past few months.
My advice would be to contact Outfitters you may be interested in hunting with and ask them directly. Also the way you intend hunting i.e. Bow hunting from blinds, rifle walk and stalk, also plays a role.
Between April and November is in fact the ideal time to hunt in South Africa, for both North and South. From November to February you are looking at very hot conditions across the country, which makes for unfavourable hunting conditions.

All the best

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