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Default Scope for CVA Optima

I have been an avid hunter since I was young, carrying a bb gun with my grandfather quail hunting. I bow hunt, shotgun hunt deer, turkey, upland birds,and anything elsethat I can hunt to get me in the woods. This year I have decided to try my luck with a muzzleloader. I did my research and was going to buy a tc triumph but decided to go with a cheaper smoke pole. I ended up buying a CVA Optima, it is a nice gun, for about half the price as the triumph. Now I am trying to decide what scope to put on it. I thought that I would use a nikon omega, but am having second thoughts because I will probably only use 100 grains of powder and will not utilize the magnum capabilities that the nikon and optima are set up for. I live in southern Illinois and will probably never shoot anything over 100 yards with it. Can I get some advice on this?? Thanks [align=right][/align]

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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

I have the Optima , also , ... and I would not hesitate to put the Nikon scope on it. If you don't want to put the Omega on there ( and prefer something cheaper ) look into the Nikon Prostaff. If that is not to your liking, check out the Vortex line of scopes. I have a Vortex Crossfire ( 3-9x40 ) and it has nice glass.... But as I do own a few other name brand scopes ..... I own about 9 or 10 Nikon Buckmasters and Monarchs.... Great quality for the price.

Look at www.theopticzone.com for some of the best prices going on scopes.

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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

I have Nikon Pro Staff 2x7x32 on my Muzzleloaders and slug guns. Great scopes and they can be had for about $125.
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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

I put a Zeiss Conquest 3-9X40 mm on mine. I would think anything with a 40-ish mm bell work good as a far as height fit. My son-in-law has a Burris brand scope (Full field I think)that has a ballistic reticle that he uses to help him with bullet drop. It is also a 40 mm bell , variable (I think 3x9 also). He likes it fine.
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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

Same gun with a Bushnell Legend 3-9x32 Scope hunting Southern Indiana shooting same distances. Best of luck to you.
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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

I just put a Nikon ProStaff 3x9x40 on the exact same gun. I am gonna shot 2 pyrodex pellets with the 350gr. FPB.....and see what happens!
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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

I recently purchased an Optima. Looked at several different brands of scopes and end up with the Nikon 3-9x40. Good quality scope at a reasonable price.
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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

CVA makes a kits that look very affordable ($68.25).
I would hope it can handlea ML blast, as it is marketed assuch.

http://www.outdoorsuperstore.com/product.asp?manufacturer=CVA&model=UNIVERSAL+S COPE+KIT&cat=30519

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Default RE: Scope for CVA Optima

Nikon ProStaff
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