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Default Trucks

I am looking for a use truck. Due to insurance rates I may have to settle for an SUV. Does anyone here use an SUV for hunting? I was thinking about also getting a rack that attaches to the towing hitch to carry a dog box. I don't usually carry to many dogs but normally no more then 3 each time I go hunting. These are large Walker type dogs if that helps. Any idas about hunting with an SUV would be great.
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Default RE: Trucks

TK--I have a Jeep Cherokee that I use for hunting. I added a hitch-haul to transport my climber and carry a deer if I get lucky. I don't know what to tell you about a dog box--I guess you could get a larger hitch-haul and build a box on that frame. Good luck!
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Default RE: Trucks

tk, I also use a Jeep Cherokee for hunting, fishing, etc. I'm going to make one of the deer carriers this year. Like flyfisher said, I've never seen a dog carrier for the hitches !
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Default RE: Trucks

Correct me if I'm wrong, but insurance is typically more on SUV's than on pick ups.

I'd steer away from the pro-anti-hunting Jeeps.
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Default RE: Trucks

The trucks I have seen have all had insurance in the $2000 o more range per year. Since I am only 16 and working part time i cannot afford that. The SUV I am looking at is only goig to be around $1000 per year. Also, i am not trying to start any controversery over hunting with an SUV, I was just wondering how SUV's in general faired for huning, and if the hitch-hauls would suffice for carrying dogs.
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Default RE: Trucks

I beat some of the insurance cost by owning a car or truck that meets the classic car laws. My classic cars insurance is only 125 a year per car.Check with your state regs on classic car or truck requirements. In Pa it only has to be 20 years old or a model not produced anymore. That means since they are discontinuing the oldsmobiles, they all will meet the standard.
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Default RE: Trucks

1971 Ford Bronco, but I am adding a 92 mustang 302 fuel injected and an aftermarket heater and a bunch of other stuff (5 speed overdrive transmission among them). But it can meet the antique car status or almost, they date from 66-77, with the 72 and newer having some better things on them, but mine is emmisions exempt. Anyway, it will go anywhere. I carry the dog in it, in fact 2 of them love to sleep in the back on blankets. Might think about an SUV and getting one of those screens and screen off the back portion for carrying dogs.

I am hurculining the interior so I don't have to worry about mud, and making my own hitch hauler for deer and stuff as part of my swing away tire rack (stock rack wont hold bigger tires so well).

I love the SUV, you can lock up your guns/bow/fishing stuff, can carry 3 people and pull a boat, etc. Extended cab/4 door truck or an SUV, although I currently miss having a bed, I am gonna get a decent trailer for when its needed.

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Default RE: Trucks

I personally would not even consider a SUV for a hunting vehicle. It's just not practicle. The rack in the receiver gives you some of the capabilities of a truck. But nothing beats a truck for a hunting vehicle. But you know best what your needs are.
Have you considered an extended cab pickup?
Good Luck in your search and remember: If youcan't Dodge it, Ram it.

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Trucks

A bunch of the pig hunters over here use <font size=6>HORSE TRAILERS</font id=size6> The smaller one horse type and block up any gaps with chicken wire or wood boards. Should work fine.

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