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Gm54-120 04-01-2022 05:41 AM

The amount of
Spam here lately is just crazy. Some over a week old and no one seems to care or notices it. Just look at my recent post list for the pic of a............

Upper level admins that can prevent this should at the least be ashamed and at best removed/replaced with someone that cares about the forums.

Champlain Islander 04-01-2022 07:16 AM

I am convinced nobody cares anymore. Mods are basically non existent and I don't blame them. This site is totally overrun by spammers. I was a former mod and admins position with regard to spam was the main reason I quit. I have actually seen ads for the site saying it was a great place to try out some spam. Admin says if it doesn't hurt the actual forums then it shouldn't matter. The site is so choked with it now it is a dead horse. Looking through the member list shows that a vast majority of members are actually bots or spammers looking to profit. It is getting old. I'll add this...when I was a mod I considered it my job to remove spam and ban the spammers. I am an early riser and live on the east coast so my day starts way earlier than many if not most members and mods. I kind of took over the spam patrol and normally had action to be taken almost every day. Some mornings I would be faced with blanket spams that were the same message spread all across the site. I would delete the spam posts and then permanently ban the posters. I did this for most of the 2 years I was a mod. There was a software upgrade and it seemed like things got better but now it is getting bad again. Time for some mod work again
I hope one of them is up for it. I normally spent about an hour early morning cleaning it up.

elkman30 04-01-2022 02:14 PM

Thanks for being a mod for a few years and for explaining this better. After reading what you said, it sounds like maybe the mods are fighting an uphill battle and just getting tired of the BS.

Champlain Islander 04-01-2022 02:29 PM

Yes for sure. The mods we now have are really good people and have done a great job doing what mods do. My opinion is the Admin group sets the rules and policy and they own what this site has now become. This forum used to be the best out there and IMO is now the worst that I have seen.

Gm54-120 04-01-2022 08:39 PM

I noticed Ibobi is no longer listed as an admin. He was the site admin right? and now i think that it is IBjoel.

The blame lays firmly on the the site admins because they allow it to happen. There are addons that can shut dont a huge chunk of spam and blacklist them. When i use our spam clean function it does just that. The IPs and emails are all banned permanently. That is just a tiny bit of what they could do and its no major deal to do it. There are known "blacklists" that stop it even before that. I cant imagine why its not being used. IB owns vBulletin or did. ITS THEIR SOFTWARE.

Champlain Islander 04-02-2022 03:30 AM

I guess what comes to mind is what is the goal of Huntingnet? It started out in the Todd and Justin days as a bowhunting forum. It went through a few different owners and certainly has changed. My own opinion is it is running as designed by IB. It now looks more like a spam factory than a hunting forum and we users are simply window dressing. I looked through the IB holdings and they are very diversified. None of the other web sites they own seem to be run like Hn. It looks like spam is the focus. Perhaps it should be named It is their business though and it looks like IB is making plenty of money as evidenced by the recent acquisition of IB for 1.1 Billion.

Gm54-120 04-02-2022 06:49 AM

KKR bought IB back in 2014. Im not aware of a more recent sale. Until the other day i wasnt even aware that ibobi had not been been active since last July. IBJoel has been on since this more recent spam was posted. It blows my mind its not gone. Im pretty sure he was even on since it was reported so the only conclusion i can make.....He dont care how badly HNI gets spammed. It literally takes me a couple minutes to take out a spammer and all other accounts from that IP along with any post they might have made. Our software wont allow multiple accounts from the same email so that part is done without intervention.

Lets be honest, how many actual people make accounts on HNI from places like Vietnam, India, Russia, China,ect ect ect. Most of those places you cant even own a firearm. 99% of them are all spam bots and a big chunk of those spread malware or solicit illegal goods. When ibobi sat on his butt allowing the 1000s of fake names to register and add urls in sigs it was an invite to more aggressive spammers. He not only let it happen he encouraged it to happen by telling mods not to worry about them.

Champlain Islander 04-02-2022 09:06 AM

You are right the IB sale was in 2014. There are hundreds of thousands of bots and spammers listed as members.

JW 04-02-2022 09:36 AM

Here you go people.
IBMyke. Took over from IBbobi.

Good luck trying to get an answer.

I didn't

Champlain Islander 04-02-2022 09:51 AM

Hat is off to you JW for doing a thankless job.

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