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Remember the "odd name" topic i posted years ago. I even sent a PM to Bobi about it. He did absolutely nothing about it. He did however threaten to ban me for using an ad blocker. Well my ad blocker also prevents me clicking on many bad URLs. Bobi trashed this forum on purpose. He let literally 1000s of fake accounts be made. Many with illegal content in them such as porn.

So whatever you do, dont tell anyone that uBlock Origin will stop all the crap ads and give you some surfing protection. I wonder what would happen if someone sent an email directly to Internet Brands about the BS these site admins have pulled over the years?
He is still listed as a admin on other IB owned forums. Maybe IB isnt aware of how bad he handled HNI?

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Admin nor owners care anything about this site or what you or anyone else thinks. Sad but true. We used to have fun here

fellow mods, let the foxes run the hen house.

yall have at it and have fun
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Sad to see happen but it's true. JW (Dave) has led the latest attempt to get Admin to change their spam policies & procedures and has been told they are looking into implementing some things. Right now, there are 3 members logged on and 14 spambots. Today, like just about every other day, spammers have posted spam topics. To date, there does not seem to be a reduction in either.

This isn't the first time mods have complained to Admin about spambots and spam topics. 1 mod resigned and Admin didn't change anything. Other mods have dropped off the radar and Admin still hasn't done anything. A whole LOT of members have stopped posting and that hasn't resulted in any changes either. I truly wish things were different. Internet Brands has owned HuntingNet since 2008 and spam has steadily got worse despite many complaints from members and mods. It's sad to see this happen but after 14 years, I still haven't seen any changes or results. Best of luck to everybody in their hunting.
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