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Why the stigma against sci fi?

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Why the stigma against sci fi?

Old 11-29-2020, 04:23 PM
Typical Buck
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Hard to imagine those into Sci Fi not noticing the stigma (J/K, LOL). I myself have never been into it. I have a weird taste in all things TV and Movies. I can't watch anything that is not possibly real. I am in my mid 40's and have never seen a minute of Star Wars, Star Trek, any of the comic book movies etc. The last time I was at a movie theater was when Titanic came out when my wife and I were dating. The little time I do watch TV it is usually hunting shows, or Discovery shows such as Deadliest Catch, Alaska Last Fronteir, etc. I know most of the reality stuff is all scripted as well but I would rather watch that then something I know is fake out of the gate. I have never watched a second of the Kardashians but if someone said you could watch that or Star Wars I would pick that just because it's somewhat real........ I'll take my flaming now.....
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Old 11-30-2020, 07:33 AM
Typical Buck
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The thing about science fiction and fantasy, which is often lumped in with sci-fi, is that no matter the story, they take place in another "world", and as such, you have to establish good world-building for the viewer/reader to understand the story. Most other genres by default take place in "our world", so you don't exactly have to understand the backstory and history in order to get into the story. People already know how our world works. Even things like a historical drama only generally require people have a just passing familiarity with the time period to fully understand it. You just have to establish your characters and maybe your setting. But when you have a sci-fi or fantasy story, in addition to those, you have to establish an entire world or universe, which can be difficult to pull off well. It requires a much greater level of investment and understanding than other kinds of stories.

For instance, in the original Star Wars, now called A New Hope, there's a lot of dialogue between various characters that's just there to explain the world, and despite what I've seen some fans say, I think it's done rather clumsily. The dialogue is a bit campy and cheesy, and "Show, don't tell" is a frequently broken rule, but you admittedly have to have characters sum up important background details in a single sentence if you want to keep it a watchable length. Then there's the infamous intra-galactic politics that bogged down The Phantom Menace in the prequel trilogy, and let's not even get into the gigantic cluster**** that was the sequel trilogy. But in, say, Titanic, all you have to know going in is that the ship sank with many of its passengers, and even if you somehow live under a rock and don't know that, the opening scene is the researchers diving down to visit the wreck.

Finally, there's also the matter of scope. Sci-fi frequently deals with the fate of the "world" being a central conflict. Star Wars involves trying to save the galaxy from dark forces, Lord of the Rings deals with the characters preventing Sauron from enslaving Middle-Earth, and the Avengers fight many threats to the world (Hydra) or even the universe (Thanos). That's perfectly fine, but many people prefer the familiarity of the intra- and inter-personal conflicts that are the focus of much other media, which will always be more relatable and more compelling to many. That's not to say sci-fi and fantasy don't have it, it's just that it's often taking a backseat to the world conflict.
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Old 11-30-2020, 02:40 PM
Dominant Buck
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Never watched much of that stuff. Did see a couple star wars movies but that's it.
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Old 12-01-2020, 08:42 AM
Nontypical Buck
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One reason I like the Sci-Fi/fantasy genre is a total escape from reality.
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Old 12-01-2020, 07:51 PM
Nontypical Buck
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I can see what Flyinlowe is saying but I think Bob H nailed it. I don't go to movies to watch some documentary on history. I want to escape from reality for a while also. I agree that there needs to be a good story and some kind of drama but part of the attraction is just seeing different species worlds and talented writers imaginations used to entertain. Everybody knows that Ironman landing on his knees is a stupid way to land (hard on knees-don't try that at home) but it looks way cool. Or that 30MM cannon on a jet would pierce the Hulk. But it's fun to watch Hulk get mad. That's pretty much the whole point of Sci-Fi. It's fiction with a science (sorta) twist and it's fun to watch, escape and just enjoy. But to each their own. YMMV a bit.
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Old 12-02-2020, 07:36 AM
Giant Nontypical
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That is what i like about most of The Expanse series....We are not that far away from being able to mine "dwarf planets" and asteroids. There is no holodeck, transporters or warp drive. The first season is pretty much possible within another generation. Once colonizing other planets ect is profitable, you can bet your butt corporations will be at the center of any "off world" settlements and cities.
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