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thundermug 11-20-2019 03:55 PM

Age or injuries takes away many hobbies
Have you had to stop any hobbies?

After a shoulder injury, I could no longer bowhunt. I did do specialized exercises that were designed to increase my strength so I could start hunting again however, I had a motorcycle wreck on 1-29-16 that crushed the left side of my chest It will be a lloonngg time before I can bowhunt if ever. Blackpowder is my next choice.

Have you ever had an injury that changed your life?

Fieldmouse 11-20-2019 06:02 PM

Yes, yes and yes. I've had my shoulders worked on. I had lingering effects from one of them. Dry needling was my savior. I swear by it today. It took several appointments. I think at least a dozen but its pretty much behind me.
just got partial knee replacement. I'm hoping to be able to dive again. I know skiing is a no go. Though I may try any way because I'm stupid like that. Though when I swam in the ocean not long ago, I realized I had to get out into deeper water quickly because the breakers could do some serious damage.

Bottom line, it sucks getting old. Especially for those who were athletes and also had a few "hold my beer moments " in their lives.

Hope you're doing well. Long time no talk. I may PM soon. May have something for you. Cheers

Bocajnala 11-20-2019 06:23 PM

I'm a young pup still. But have had a knee, ankle, and shoulder surgery.

So I know my future will involve some discomfort as I get older. Enjoying it all while I can!


North Texan 11-20-2019 06:59 PM

Nothing stopping me yet, but I notice I donít bounce back as quickly. Was moving cattle the other day and it got dark before I finished. Got out of the mule to close a gate and got hammered on my right side by one I thought was just trying to run through the gate. Went flying and landed on my left shoulder. Came up fighting with my flashlight or I was going to get hit again. Took a pretty good bruising and still donít have full function of my left arm. Have taken a few hits before, but never this long to heal.

Oldtimr 11-21-2019 09:16 AM

I have had RA since my early 30s and I was in a bad Motorcycle wreck. I have aches and pains but you have to work through them, I am 4 months away for age 73 and I will not quit doing what I like to do until I absolutely have to and maybe then I will figure away around the obstacle. I now use an ATV to remove my deer from the woods and back to my truck. This year I engineered a way to load my deer into the basket of my ATV with out having to muscle it up. I put a screw in tree step about 8 feet off the ground in a tree near my stand. I then bought a double block and tackle and figured out a way to get the hook on the first block on the tree step. Cut the space between the tendon and the bone on the hind legs and stick in a gambrel and hoist it up. I killed a big doe during our senior season and gave my rig a trial run, it works and saved me a lot of sweat. Ya have to learn to work smarter and not harder as you age. Start at the last pic and work your way up, they are posted azz backwards.

Bocajnala 11-21-2019 12:10 PM

Nice set up ot!

Champlain Islander 11-21-2019 01:20 PM

I blew out my left knee playing competitive softball on a state tournament in 1977. I had an early tech ACL when they were still trying to figure how to fix them. I have two 8" scars on each side of the knee. I managed quite well but had to give up playing ball and skiing but hunting and fishing were good. I am 71 now and still get out but do have the aches and pains that go with it. Once in a while I'll take an ibuprofen but that's about it. I know that one of these days I'll need a knee replacement but until that day comes I will power through.

CalHunter 11-22-2019 08:18 AM

I haven't been handicapped by injuries but as I've aged, I've cut back a bit so I'm not taking as many chances. Kind of a pace yourself philosophy.

Mickey Finn 11-22-2019 08:30 AM

Quite a few injuries. Burns, and lacerations but the worse was a banged up shoulder. I had to learn to side cast with a fly rod and archery was on hold for a while. But with therapy I'm back to 90% or better. I think like cal said it's gotten to point where i have to play a little smarter and of course avoid charging cattle. I hope you mend up North Texan!

North Texan 11-23-2019 05:13 AM

Thanks! That cow really caught me by surprise. These are old cows Iíve had for years, and never have been anything but gentle. Not sure if they just donít see well in dark or what got under this ones skin.

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