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Bocajnala 09-27-2019 05:02 AM

Poulan chain saws
Just want to brag on these little saws for a minute.

I had about a fifteen year old Husqvarna that was a great saw. But as it aged it started giving me some problems. First time I needed to rebuild it i came across a green poulan saw at a garage sale for $25 bucks. It started up and sounded good so I picked it up to use while the husqy was down and I was waiting on the rebuild kit to come in.

I was impressed with the poulan. Especially for $25. Since then I've picked up probably 6 more garage sale cheapies. There's been a few problems. One of them leaks fuel where the tank split. So I just use it as a parts saw if I need anything off of it. And for some reason the fuel and bar oil caps are really hard to thread on and off. I don't have any idea why, but each saw is hard. It's easier to keep a pair of channel locks in the box to open the caps instead of trying to crank on them by hand.

Anymore I keep my husqy out of harms way (I once dropped a limb on it and cracked some of the plastic frame. That wasn't a cheap replacement either) and only use it for cutting up big stuff on the ground or through big trunks. It's definitely a better saw

But I wouldn't hesitate to buy a poulan for the casual home owner that cuts a few times a year.



MudderChuck 09-27-2019 06:15 AM

I'm also a fan of the older Poulan saws. I have one now I bought new in the mid 90's. I bought it as a trim saw but eventually put a longer chain guide on it and used it as a backup when my primary saw crapped out. All in all, I've likely cut more wood with it than all of my other saws combined. I tend to park a saw that acts up too much and buy a new one. My Poulan has outlasted at least four other saws.

I have no idea if the newer Poulan are as good as the old ones. I've cut amazing amounts of wood with my old Poulan, we had a Hurricane come through that downed millions of trees. I really worked that old saw and it is still going strong. I've replaced a sprocket and few spark plugs, along with with many worn out guides and chains.

mrbb 09-27-2019 09:23 AM

My experience with them has been mixed, I have seen some of them poulan saws run great and have also seen many that failed in short order
I always say its like pick of the litter when you go with more bargain priced things, , some times you get lucky, some times you don't

NOTHING beats having a GOOD brand name PRO built model saw, IF you need it!
MOST don't and I agree, for the price, there worth a gamble if you only use them now and then,
I will suggest ONLY using NON ethanol fuel in them if you store them long and often!
and NEVER try using the same old fuel when time comes after they sat a while, dump it, refill and odds are they will last a lot longer with this simple step!

Champlain Islander 09-28-2019 03:32 AM

My first saw was a poulin with an 18 inch bar. I bought that along with a troy built horse tiller back in 1975. Both gave good service but the tiller made it 35 years and the saw lasted 10. I upgraded to a stihl and had a couple of those which lasted around 10 years each. My last saw was an echo which still runs and cuts well. I am sure the old saws had an early demise due to ethanol gas. Now I can get pure gas and use that in everything except my truck and car.

Fieldmouse 09-30-2019 10:17 AM

I believe they're still owned and manufactured by Husqvarna.

On a side note, anyone ever taken a good look at the official Husqvarna logo? One of the oldest companies to ever be around. Guess what their logo is of and what industry they got their start in?

archeryrob 10-01-2019 04:23 AM

I have a poulan 20" and it has given me nothing but carburetor problems. I have changed to a Husqvarna Rancher 460 with the .058 chain. several pound slighter and the dampening springs help a lot. I also have a Husqvarna string trimmer and blower.

Also, switched to non ethanol gas, which the ethanol mix is hell on 2 cycle small engines. I just never paid much mind to it. You can find it here near you. Might be the cause of my poulan problems.

North Texan 10-03-2019 07:53 PM

My chainsaw is an Echo Iíve had for several years. I always run the ethanol-free fuel in it, and so far it hasnít missed a beat. The owner of the store I bought it from said always run ethanol free, as almost all the power equipment he had in his shop to work on was because of getting gummed up by ethanol.

Iíve had mixed results with Poulan. Some of their stuff has worked fine for a while, some gave up the ghost quickly. But I donít use it much anymore as Echo and other brands have been much more reliable and are generally much more productive.

Phil from Maine 10-06-2019 03:42 AM

I have a Husky that if someone was to steal it on me they would bring it back the next day. I am not impressed with that one. I bought it in a yard sale so I just leave it sitting around. I also have three Poulans. One gave me a hard starting and the primer button ended up rottening out. One is a Poulan Shark and is a small saw. That one cuts good but over heats easily on me. I have been using on some pretty big wood though. I canít complain about that one any. I have to get a new bar and chain for it as I have worn the tip right out of it. Then I bought an old Poulan that never had a tank of gas in it. It doesnít have the chain brake on it. I tried it out and it worked great. Then the fuel line cracked on it. But that could be expected. So itís sitting for now. I figured that it most likely needs new seats for the needle valves. I bought it at an auction for a cheap price and was quite impressed at how it cut. But I wanted a reliable saw and broke down and bought a new Stih and that one will cut like crazy. I am enjoying that saw and have plenty of work for it at camp. I have 15 to twenty fir trees come down around the camp. Beatles had killed them and they need to get taken care of. I would want to have a fire break out in that mess..

Fieldmouse 10-16-2019 06:39 PM

Bump this up. Husqvarna what does their company logo represent? Check it out.

Bocajnala 10-16-2019 06:45 PM

I looked at the logo back when you posted it and have no idea. I could Google it. But that feels like cheating.

I was hoping someone here would enlighten me.


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