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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
The public utility crews always have some good hornet and wasp killer in an aerosol can. One blast and the critters start dropping out of the nest. Ground wasps can be hard to get to but I'll use the wasp killer and spray into the hole. Got to be committed though and hope they can't get out of another hole.
If you have a can of quick start around give it a try, really works great for me. And it is also nice to have handy when the mower won't start. I used it on hunch once and now it is all I use for Hornet nests. We have Fox grape, Frost grape and English Ivy around here which really draw the Hornets in the Fall.
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guys these are not run of the mill Yellowjackets, these are European Hornets, some call them Japanese wasps, they do not nest in the ground, they are normally not aggressive, but when they are they are bad news.
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We deal with all kinds of stinging critters around here. Japanese hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, bees, fire ants and cow killers (basically a wasp that cant fly).
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I was up a ladder today fixing a rain gutter and when I got up top I found a darn hornets nest inside the gutter!
turned into a whole new game, after finding that

had some swarm me, but no bites, and sure glad I got lucky!

crazy how they will will build a nest in some places, all the more so with getting rain here like every 40 hours or so
they must have been real busy last day and half since it rained!
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I had to laugh when I saw the thread. Many many years ago my wife to be and I were visiting her parents at their summer camp on Lake Champlain. The old man was complaining about a wasp nest that had formed at the peak on the gable end of the camp. Being young and fearless I assured him that I would take care of it when it got dark and they became dormant and were in the nest. A few beers later it got dark and bolstered by that beverage I went out to his shed and got a long expandable pruning saw pole. I put a rag soaked with hornet spray on the end of the pole and went out to do battle. My soon to be Brother in Law came out to hold the flashlight so I could see the nest. My plan was to knock the nest down and then run. The BIL shined the light and there in all its glory was a 6" wide paper wasp nest nestled near the roof peak. We snuck up under it and the BIL shined the light and I extended the pole up towards the nest. With one mighty thrust I poked the pole up into the nest but didn't quite get it dead center because the pole wouldn't quite reach and I had to almost jump to get it into the nest. The next thing I knew I looked at the nest and could see a whole line of angry wasps coming straight down the flashlight beam ready for a battle to the death. I yelled run and dropped the pole but my BIL didn't drop the flashlight. Within a few steps they were all over us and stinging anything they could get at. We ran into the porch and went straight to the shower and both stood under the water picking a few still stinging wasps off us. I can't remember how many times they got me but my head and neck looked like a lumpy meatball. Needless to say my soon to be Father in law wasn't impressed but we did manage to get most of that nest down. I think he took care of the rest of it after we left and most likely did it without getting bit.

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I had a cousin in law helping his father in law kill some bees in the pump house, just a little shed over the well pump out in the yard. It has been years and years ago. My uncle had always used gasoline to kill bees all over the farm, pretty common practice. Then while they were spraying bees someone used the water in the house and the pump kicked on. Spark caused the pump house to blow up in flames, his future son in law was horribly burnt but survived. It was a nightmare scenario, just horrible.
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Iíve had several run-ins with red wasps lately. I havenít found the nest yet, but any activity in the front yard will bring one or two out trying to sting. So far Iíve been able to knock them down with a cap before they get me, but these things seem a lot more hostile than a regular paper wasp.
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