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MudderChuck 01-05-2019 07:11 AM

Sorry for your loss. Sometimes people think putting them down is doing something to them, you are actually doing something for them. All of my dogs are still alive in my thoughts and remembrances. They are invariably smiling when I remember them.

Champlain Islander 01-05-2019 02:39 PM

Phil from Maine 01-10-2019 01:10 AM

I am sorry to hear this news about your old friend. I know how hard that can be. They are pretty much the same as family members and are happiest when they make you happy. But sometimes you have to remember how good they are to you and you have to make a choice on whatís best for them. At least thatís the way I view. Our hardest was a lab my wife and I had to have the vet put down after 18 years. Her regular vet said after working with her for so long he couldnít do it. He knew her time had come though so we had to travel to another vet for this. But anytime something like this happens is a sad thing to go threw. Again sorry to hear this..

Champlain Islander 04-04-2019 02:45 PM

Well I'll post an update. It has been a while since we lost our girl...Fannymae. Middle daughter, who is a vet tech, fostered a couple of dogs recently sent up from Louisiana. She asked us to watch the puppy while she was on a business trip to Seattle for her job with University of Vermont. It was a set up conspiracy between she and my wife. We said OK and it looks like Bailey will be staying with us. Really nice looking American Shelter Dog...AKA mutt. She is 14 weeks old and is brindle colored and looks like some sort of mix with pit, boxer and lab. Very smart and wants to please. I'll try to post a picture later if I can manage it.

Oldtimr 04-04-2019 03:02 PM

Good for your daughter, she got you, and you will be glad!

CalHunter 04-05-2019 06:48 PM

Still no pictures?? You must be busy teaching that dog fetch and tricks, etc. :biggrin:

Bocajnala 04-05-2019 07:55 PM

Originally Posted by CalHunter (Post 4354424)
Still no pictures?? You must be busy teaching that dog fetch and tricks, etc. :biggrin:

Probably cleaning up pee


CalHunter 04-06-2019 10:26 AM

I just spit my coffee up. Darn you Jake!! :lolabove:

Champlain Islander 04-06-2019 12:34 PM

Been busy ice fishing. Today was the last day and we got on and off without getting wet. Had a good morning with 13 real nice crappie and three quarters a 7 gallon pail of nice seeds and gills. A good time to ring the quitting bell. Bailey has been good in the house and only had 2 accidents. She is very smart and seems to learn very quickly. She readily goes to her crate for the night. She loves to play fetch which is pretty good for a 14 week old puppy. I have some pictures of her on my cell but for some reason can't seem to get it transferred to this site. I'll keep working on it.

Champlain Islander 04-07-2019 02:50 AM

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OK I'll try to post once again. This is Bailey. She must have some lab in her because she has a great nose and loves to fetch. She got pretty excited when a flock of geese flew over the house when I just took her out. Odd that she can see TV. Fannymae couldn't grasp it and was oblivious to it. Bailey saw a show and it had a wolf walking along through the woods and she watched it intently.

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