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Default Czech Republic fights EU over plans to tighten gun ownership laws

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This is exactly why you don't allow other countries to decide what you may do in your country. The EU was a ridiculous premise to begin with! This is like allowing Canada and Mexico to decide what rights we have in the US. Does anyone think this could and would allow the more powerful countries to use their power to reduce the freedoms of the weaker countries? I do and I predicted the EU would eventually fail. Any country that would place the fate of their country and its citizens in the hands of foreigners is run by fools. The EU is just another opportunity for Germany to take over Europe without firing a shot.
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The Czech Republic has done a complete about face in the last twenty years from insane gun control laws, to some of the more common sense laws in Europe.

Used to be the laws were borderline insane, no firearms at all allowed in military calibers. If you brought one with you into the country you registered going in and registered coming out. The funny side was they had thriving black market, pretty easy to get a full auto AK or even WW 2 surplus weapons there.
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