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Wood ticks!!

Old 05-24-2017, 06:26 PM
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Default Wood ticks!!

Wood ticks seem to be attracted to me more than other people that i stroll threw the woods & meadow with. Anyway I've been pulling wood ticks off me since i was a kid, but they were the dog tick or lone star type. Many years back we got the deer tick here, the small orange one thats infamous for carrying Lymes disease. This year i have pulled out 5 or 6 imbedded deer ticks so far, and they burrow in unlike the dog tick! Due to my job and the area we live in I have many ticks on me every day. Anyway I've noticed that about 40% of the ticks on me have been deer ticks this year, they are multiplying! Our family has contracted Lymes twice, there's other bad tick borne diseases out there too. I wish the Guinea fowl i purchased, would've worked out in my yard as they eat a lot of ticks, but the owls & predators ate them. They seem to be the worst in the spring, early summer around here. How bad are the ticks by you? Have you contracted Lymes, Rocky Mnt fever, ehrlichiosis or any tick borne disease?
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Old 05-24-2017, 10:59 PM
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Took my step son out turkey hunting this morning and two hours in the woods pulled off over thirty ticks between the two of us. All lone star or dog ticks. No deer ticks yet. nasty things.
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Old 05-25-2017, 04:01 AM
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I seem to be lucky, I only get bitten once or twice a year. I feel them crawling on me, I've even woken from a sound sleep and grabbed a tick off my bare skin before. When I don't catch them before they bite I usually get them off soon after being bitten. Maybe there is an up side to being a tobacco user.

I always wear long pants and spray my pants from the knee down, dogs all get One Shot or a collar.

For a few years the Deer Ticks got really bad, we put up raised covered Deer feeders with horse hair brushes at neck level. We'd dust the brushes every few days with Tick powder. We were part pf a study and the materials were supplied. They tested the meat later in the year and said it was OK to eat.

I've never gotten a Tick born disease, I did get Tularemia. Tularemia almost put me down for the count. I was alone for the weekend, got a really high fever and passed out halfway between bed and water, I laid there delirious, alone and helpless for most of 48 hours. If you get an infected Deer fly bite, don't fool around, get to a Doctor quick. Tularemia really messed me up, I was weak for months afterwards, a real ass kicker.

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We rarely had ticks here in Vermont but now they are everywhere. When I go out in the woods in warm months I always tuck my pants into tall boots and spray. I have pulled more than a few off but so far nothing that bit. We have a ton of deer here on the Island so many if not most of our problem is deer ticks.
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Old 05-25-2017, 05:55 AM
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I get some ticks here and there, was much worse years ago but I started using permathrin on my clothes and that seems to have helped. I find a few dead ticks on my now more than live ones. Like Mudder, I also tend to be able to feel them walking on me, which helps finding them or feeling them out before they get dug in.

Local story my wife sent me on LoneStar tick.

WCTI12 Tick
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Old 05-25-2017, 08:30 AM
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Default Remember, there is only . . .

. . one way to remove a tick. All those so-called quick remedies, the latest being peppermint oil, should NEVER be used.

". . . pull out a pair of fine-tipped tweezers. Grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible, and pull straight up with steady pressure. Then thoroughly clean the bite (and your hands) with rubbing alcohol or soap and water."

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My cousin in law and a family friend were infected with Lymes. They are both struggling with it, my cousin in law has flown to see multiple doctors. Its terrible, because of that I spray my clothes with permathrin it seems to help. This year haven't seen a rise in ticks yet.
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My SIL's husband was in intensive care for days due to lymes disease a long time ago. He was the first documented case of it getting to his heart muscle. The were getting ready to put him on a pacemaker before he recovered. He has had it again but not as severe.

With all the years of hunting and being in the woods, I have questioned why I haven't ever come down with it as I bet many here may wonder why. I understand that it takes at least a day or two for the disease to transfer from the tick to you. So it's very important to pull the ticks right away. Which means check for ticks ASAP when you get out of the woods.

One other thing that ironically has helped in the battle against ticks was getting chiggers for the first time. Those little buggers are so nasty, you don't want to get them twice. So I can feel them crawling on me if I ever walk through a nest and then I can take evasive action. They're touch is much lighter than that of a tick. For those who haven't experienced chiggers. They are a perfect cross between a tick and a mosquito.
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Watch out for the lymes!

I haven't had a tick on me since learning this trick, but supposedly cover them in Vaseline and they'll pull themselves out.... need air to breathe...
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Found a lone star tick on my calf the other day. Tried that match trick, but I think I did it wrong since I killed the tick doing so. Still, it came out much easier than when they're alive.

I still have nightmares about the time I had to walk through one of our hay fields and ended up pulling at least 30 off me. How I didn't get lyme disease from that experience I'll never know.
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