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Bocajnala 03-25-2017 01:24 AM

It's just an additional tool. A very helpful one if you use it right.

CalHunter 03-25-2017 08:17 AM

I think the OP's and linked article's premise is true about some people and not true about others. Just reading the comments so far, it looks like a majority of members don't rely solely upon a GPS or even a compass (smart). I don't use a GPS in the field while hunting. I do use one when driving a car at work. I often find myself calculating a better, quicker or safer route in spite of what the Garmin unit is stating is the best route. The unit often has to tell me it's recalculating and probably cuss me out if it could, especially when I take shortcuts that Garmin thinks are dead ends but actually go through. Not trying to knock Garmin (I use it) but I agree that any tool has its' limitations and none of them are better than a human brain. :D

karli 05-24-2018 05:07 PM

I would take this study with a pinch of salt. The study did not have a control group.
The volunteers were undergoing brainscans while trying to navigate.

My guess is its one of those studies, whose primary goal is to get someone a tenure!!

Champlain Islander 05-25-2018 04:58 AM

I have done several cross country road trips and in the old days we used a USA atlas with good results. Having the Garman Nuvi changed the game and made everything so much easier especially navigating through large unfamiliar cities. The technology is just a tool and one I use all the time when fishing. My fish finder has GPS maps and I can put the boat right on anyplace I want even when in the fog. Getting lost in a fog bank is definitely a bad situation and without a GPS to follow back to the launch it would be dangerous .

Oldtimr 05-25-2018 05:32 AM

Yep, with my Nuvi I don't have to pull off the road to look at the atlas when I am alone and no one else has to try to read the atlas while we are under way. While I know how to dead reckon having a now GPS and before a Lorance made navigating the Chesapeake bay easier and it sure made offshore fishing easier not having to deal with time distance and direction. Never used one in the woods, a compass fits in my pocket.

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