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WE ARE the Off Season

Off Season This is the place to kick back and shoot the breeze.

WE ARE the Off Season

Old 11-14-2013, 05:34 PM
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Default WE ARE the Off Season

OK goofballs, let's hear your story. Yes, I am talking to you, old guys and newbies. I don't care if you think we've all heard it 1000X, let's hear it again.

We want to know the following top ten things about you but feel free to add more;

1. Your name. You don't have to post last name if you don't want to.
2. What your user name means and why you chose it.
3. Where you currently live and where you've lived before
4. Your hobbies/interests
5. What type of game you hunt
6. Marrital status/kids/grandkids
7. What you do for a living or student or retired, if retired what did you do before.
8. Favorite sports team or TV show or both
9. Favorite food and drink
10. Pets

and then tell us some things about yourself that may not be normal (will be easier for some than others, ie-Judiboi)

I realize this is kinda corny but it's worth a shot. Plus, it gives us all new material to you to pick on you.

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Old 11-14-2013, 05:43 PM
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I'll start...

1. Tony
2. Mr4pt...my friends call me 4pt but I don't have any friends. When I started bowhunting, I was hell on 4 pointers. 7 out of the first 10 deer I killed were 4 pts and at one point 5 in a row. One day I drove up to my buddies house with a 4pt in the back of the truck and he said "mr4pt strikes again." It kinda stuck
3. SW Arkansas, lived 23 years in NW Arkansas, never lived outside of Arkansas
4. Bowhunting and golf
5. Anything there is a season for. I'd hunt lizards with a stick if there was a season. Besides Elk, I've killed every game animal species in Arkansas with my bow
6. Married to same woman for 22 years, 4 kids 22, 20, 17 and 4 (yeah, it happens) No grandkids but that could change at anytime
7. Spent the first 23 years of my career in achitectural coating sales and service. Worked offshore on the BP oil spill cleanup and currently a buyer/planner for a co that makes pipeline valves and couplings
8. WOOOOOO PIG SOOOOOIE, RAZORBACKS been a rough few years, closet cowboys fan and love The Walking Dead
9. Anything fried and a cold beer to wash it down
10. For the first time in my life I have no pet as of about 2 months ago. Had to put down a dog, Andi, 14 years old

No tattoos or piercings, although both of my daughters have them..ugh. I love to sing old country songs but nobody likes to listen to me. Big John and I once beat the stuffing out of Ill Bow Man and Jerseyjoe in a no holds barred chat room brawl.

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Old 11-14-2013, 06:03 PM
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Old 11-14-2013, 07:29 PM
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You also have the most intimidating avatar on HNI. Probably on the www.
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Old 11-14-2013, 09:13 PM
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I'll play.
1. Jonathon
2. Judyboi; long story short, pissed hntngirl off enough that she dubbed me "Judy" her mother in law's name, so I switched from j3k2c1.
3. Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Brazil, Virginia
4. huntin' fishin' cookin' dancin' singin'
5. If it moves, I'll kill it. I have killed over 30 big game animals (not too shabby for a 25 year old I think) including 9 different species
6. Married 2.5 years, 8 month old daughter
7. Law student
8. Don't watch sports, but love me some Community and Survivor
9. Cold pressed homegrown/made apple cider with elk calf backstraps on the grill
10. currently I have a 2 year old tan and white beagle pup named Miss Anabelle
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Old 11-15-2013, 04:54 AM
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1. Thomas but have been called Tommy or Tom since birth.
2. WVCritter because I'm a critter from West Virginia.
3. Born in west/central West Virginia and have lived here all my 60 plus years.
4. I love hunting, fishing, bicycling, photography, gardening and anything outdoors.
5. I hunt deer mostly but also like squirrel and rabbit hunting.
6. I married my high school sweetheart, she was 18 and I was 19. We'll celebrate our 41st Wedding Anniversary next week. We were married 8 years before we had children. We raised 2 daughters, both are college educated, married and each have a son and a daughter. My 4 grandkids ages are 4, 3,3, and 7 months. Life is good.
7. I worked as a Maintenance Mechanic for 39 years, 2 months and 3 days before retiring in Sept. 2012.
8. I follow the WVU Mountaineers but I'm not a devoted fan.
9. I love comfort food, venison steaks, mashed potatoes and gravy, beans, corn from my garden and sweet tea.
10. We have 2 cats, Princess and Roary. They're spoiled, fat and they own us..lol
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Old 11-15-2013, 05:38 AM
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1. Mitch
2. I am from IL, The only real way to hunt - Bow and Man...well I have always dreamed of being one!!
3. Central Illinois. I live the farthest from my home town now then I ever have and I am 30 miles away. My dad lived in Colorado when I was a kid and I would visit there in the summer. Not sure if that counts.
4. It would be easier to name past stuff as I really don't do much now. I used to hunt, I used to fish, I used to golf, I used to 4 wheel, I used to dirt bike...now I work. I guess my biggest hobby of current would be my motorcycle and her name is Hot Mess. Suzuki Hayabusa baby. Bought my lady a Kaw Ninja 650 this last summer.
5. Back in my prime I hunted Monster White Tails with my biggest being my drop tine brute that scored mid 150's. I have also taken a few Mule Deer bucks but they didn't go much over 100". And a small 4 x 5 elk from colorado. Sadly, I have not hunted since the fall of 2009 due to losing my hunting place.
6. I am divorced, may as well be remarried. Living in sin with my lady for 4 years now. I have 3 awesome children. Girls - 7 and 12 and the boy is 9. Girlfriend has a boy that is 14. They keep us running and the main reason my hobbies have shriveled up to nothing.
7. I make a living drawing pictures. I am a 3D Design Engineer for a Machine builder company.
8. My roots have me rooting for the REDSKINS (yes, I said it. The name is not a racial slur. If you think so...you are stupid.) Favorite TV shows...Big Bang Theory (hello Penny), Sons of Anarchy, and I have started watching Breaking Bad on netflix. Getting ready to start season 3.
9. Not like 4pt...I don't like a cold beer. Never got into drinking. Give me a nice Mountain Dew and I am good to go. Favorite Food...Hell...I don't know. One thing I do well is eat!! Wings maybe? Or a nice stuffed Chicago Style pizza!!
10. Well...Right now...My baby is our 2 year old German Shepherd. The lady has a boxer/something mix. She also has 3 cats too many. The girls have a bearded dragon. And throw in a rabbit for good measure.

Not normal about me...well I recently found out Judiboi dresses like a woman and it really doesn't bother me at all. It kind of intrigues me...

Regardless of what 4pt says, Big John couldn't type his way our of his own bed. 4pt on the other hand...I think we have both been as close to being banned as can be at one point...and yet he is a moderator? WTF is that?

I spent countless hours on this website back in the days and met some good friends that I still keep in contact with from time to time and even met a handful in person. Regardless what you usually think of somebody online...they usually are just what you expected. lol Now I just stop in from time to time to harass some of the old timers!! 4pt...OLD timer...just saying.

hntngrl has always and will always have the hots for me, not sure if it is my charm, my rugged good looks or my moobs that keep her wanting me.

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1- Call me Al

2-cr422, it's my favorite road

3-Born in Ohio, grew up in the southern Missouri Ozarks-Got my bachelors at Southern Illinois

4- Drinking beer, reloading (not at the same time), talking with my wife, telling stories to my daughters, hunting, fishing, shooting-I could go on forever

5- We hunt deer, woodchuck, and rabbits - we'll go after ruffed grouse and a bear someday

6- Married about 6 1/2 years now, two daughters, Miriam (6) and Michelle (3)

7- Lawyer, criminal defense and family law

8- Michigan State fans, Tigers, Lions, - Don't have cable but watching Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix

9- Beer and anything my wife cooks - Been getting into some craft beers lately - Wife is an unbelievably great cook

10- Had two black Labs from pups, two cats from kittens, all four have passed on - we really miss them

This is cool - Will be able to look people up and sort of get to know them a little

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1. Ron/Ronnie to close friends.
2. RB are my initials and I love duck hunting. It does not stand for RoboDuck.
3. Have lived in Manitoba Canada since 1976. Born and raised in Vancouver B.C.
4. Hunting fishing, cooking, gardening, and collecting 19th century Japanese porcelain.
5. Mostly waterfowl and upland followed closely by big game, then varmints.
6. Married 28 years next month. Two grown boys, 26 and 23, older one married. No Grand kids.
7. Airport Security. My team looks after the airport, property, and people. We are trained in all emergencies. We have nothing to do with screening or wanding people. I spent five years in the Royal Canadian Navy.
8. Don`t follow sports. I like to watch history, cooking, military and some reality shows.
9. Beer, dark rum, single malt scotches, and a good red wine. A nice Cuban cigar is enjoyed with a few of these. BBQ and comfort food.
10. No pets, wife has allergies.

I have been a member on this site since before the big melt down of 03. Made a lot of friends on here too. even visited one in Kentucky. He now owes me a return visit someday I hope.
Still got my CarDeer necklace.

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1. Ken
2. Ken because my name and 3 for Earnhardt
3. Landis NC. Born and lived in Gordon WV for 19 years
4. Hunting, fishing and running
5. deer, squirrels
6. Married 20 years 4 kids and one grandkid on the way
7. Work in the electrical buisness
8. Pittsburgh Steelers and WV Mountaineers
9. Venison
10. 1 dog named Stewie
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