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Deer Drives NJ

Old 01-14-2005, 11:14 AM
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

Then you know how Us creekors are.
ORIGINAL: Duckmastor2

Here, where I'm from in south jersey it's like next of kin. If your not from here then you are an outsider. Just as if, I hunted in your back yard. You don't have to be in good shape to sit on your a** in a deer stand. Put your boots on and walk a mile in my meadow muskratting let's see what your made of.
Been there, done that. Born and raised in good old SJ.
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

FORKED RIVER MTN . POT HUNTER HERE ,just wanted to say you can yell yo buck til your blue in the face ,,the big bucks laugh at you guys for the last 3 yrs. in a row the red top gun club has driven all around my stand i heard yo buckin from 7am til 3:30and at 4:00 my bucks come out and i pick the biggest one and shoot it !!! you cant take people who only hunt (and i use that word lightly ) 1 week out of the year and expect them to have any effect on deer behavior !!! so i say go ahead have fun drive a real hunter has no gripe with drives ,,,,,but the waretown police dept.does!!!!!!
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Default Put On a "Jogging" Suit

Put on a "jogging" suit and go for a "run" in between the houses. That's where most of the deer are. Get those deer moving or else they lay down all day!!!
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

Exactly one of my points "BOXBLIND".

Here is a quote from an earlier post:

"This is just a selfish statement. Your club drives public land because you have the right. The hell with everyone else. Once you are done doing you thing, the deer will be alot less likely to appear during daylight hours for a good long time. You basically F'd up the area for a good long time, probably the remaining length of whatever gun season you are hunting."

As stated by "BOXBLIND", the deer do adapt with "drives" and life in general all around them.

1) I have put up a stand in a noisey fashion, sat down, figured that I won't see anything for an hour or so and had a doe and her fawn walk right under me within 10 minutes of making the racket.
2) I have parked my truck, went into the woods DEEP to hunt, not see a darn thing, return to my truck, and it looks like the deer were doing a sombrero dance around the truck!!!!
3) I have watched other clubs "drive" an area, leave and see two to three bucks walk out of the piece that was just driven.

Drives don't mess anything up and you figure that we are there then gone not 30 + people staking out "your area" all day.

My statement was not selfish my friend.
We hunt the way we wish and you do as your concious tells you.

Altering days for "drives" and "stand hunting" is as rediculous as saying lets have every 2 hours you can drive and the alternate 2 hours you can stand hunt.

Why give the game wardens anymore ammo to ticket hunters????

If you don't want to run into drives, find smaller pieces that clubs will not wish to put their effort into. That is your best bet OR only Bow hunt as there are not any drives with bow as of yet....

Drives with bows........Hmmmm

I'll have to take a look at doing that!!!
(sarcasm off)

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Default NJ Deer Hunting w/Dogs

They should let guys use dogs to drive deer. (Sarcasm)
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

They should let guys use dogs to drive deer. (Sarcasm)
They should just give the deer the damn keys and let them drive themselves.
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ


The deer would drive from one backyard to another. Right in between the houses.
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

Hi guys ! First time poster from NJ .

I have drove deer , pot hunted and took a walk by my self while deer hunting . Many good points above on both ends . Lets keep in mind that no matter what we have to stick togeather as hunters and not give the ANTIs a chance to win anything .

My self , I would rather sit in a tree or take a walk by my self . I just do not get anything out of driving deer . To me that is just shooting at deer and in no way is hunting . Learn that bucks habbit . Wheer does he bed , eat and how does he get to these places . look for bottle necks maybe to a water hole or anything that can make him go down a certain path / run .

With everything we have now with the deer cams and such there is no reason we can not hunt with out pushing a deer to someone waiting for them on the other side . You can put a first year hunter as a stander and he will have a better chance at shooting a deer than if you just sent him into the woods to look for sign . To me thats what hunting is all about , learning how the deer are and not pushing them into a spot to just shoot them .

Lets not say they should get rid of deer drives , that only gives the ANTIs a starting point to run away with . Who knows where they would stop .

Hope I was not out of line in my first post here !
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

Some of you miss the point , you should be happy you have the chance to bitch about how other people ruin your day of hunting,when we have 150 000 troops fighting for a people that could not give a **** about life at all. Hug your wife, tell your kids that you love them and with any luck all of us will be around next year to eat a back strap drink a beer with friends & spend the holidays planning next season.If some one walks under your stand tell them where you can meet for a beer after dark ,maybe you will both learn something.You'll probably end up friends.
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Default RE: Deer Drives NJ

i have found that talking to guys who drive by me to either be super friendly or act like they own the woods. the problems happen when the hunters in the clubs get this pack mentallity and it becomes you against the army of orange. i would have to say the deer clubs in south jersey have gotten a little better. i remember the time a club came in the same area my dad was parked on a side road and was told to get the hell out of here because the club is setting up for lunch. or the a--holes last year that drove by my brother and said i bet we ruined his day[:@] i also believe they steal every portable stand they find. several are mine!!!!! those big drives stir the woods up and it isint all good! its got to be very rare that a club will drive a deer to a guy in a stand who isint in the club because at 40 to 80 plus members they dont leave much room for error. they all have those portable radios so it becomes way easy to direct where the deer are running.i even think pennsy has laws against that. there are big tracts of land in the south but most of them are cut into perfect not so large blocks with fire roads around them or cutting through. there aint too many deer getting out but some do. i also see them using slug guns when you cant see more than 50 yards in those scrub oaks and pines. how safe is thaT?i like how im being labeled a pot hunter when ive been doing my homework scouting in the woods and hunting 2 months before the club steps foot in the woods! if you look in the digest most of the southern zones have limited harvest and poor population and harvest numbers. how can they limit my regular bow season to 3 weeks and yet allow 2 bucks to be harvested one week of the year. i think the gun clubs are in bed with the federation of sportsmen who in turn do there thing with the council. at least they should limit the hours of a drive so i can get some peace and quiet in my hunting. hunting game in its natural routine and not running like a herd of elephants.if they would also have a 3 point restriction at least the club hunters would be forced to look before squeezing the trigger. there is nothing wrong with drive hunting. it is just not many hunters prefered way of doing business but i would never say to stop it all together. it just needs a better system. we all share the wildlife management areas and no one should act like they own them though[>:]
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