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PABuck_HNTR 01-06-2002 12:01 PM

Dr Alt Meetings.......
There has been alot of complaining here lately on the new Deer Management in Pa.

Just wondering if anyone plans on attending seminars this year? I will! It doesn't do any good to complain to others on this board if you don't plan on asking question at the source.

Ledgen LS 01-06-2002 01:30 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
Neither does any good come from talking to the source, if the scource has already called the hunters ignorant and the trouble makers.
that same source ends every meeting and press release with," the PGC will listen to the wishes of the hunters...", you'd think by now he'd have heard the majority of the hunters saying ...smaller units lower doe tags in less dense areas, no AR.
Maybe he's deaf???? 'cause I'm hearing 1 pro Alt for every 50 anti Alt ideas

PABeardBuster 01-06-2002 03:51 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
I agree f4yg, people should attend the meetings to get info straight from Dr. Alt. You can personally ask him questions. Ledgen where was this quote you speak of printed? I highly doubt it's legitamate.


Pick a hair.....or a caruncle!!

RLong 01-06-2002 05:20 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
In those words maybe no. But when you continually state publicly that the only reason the states sportsmen don't embrace his because they are uninformed, don't understand, need educating, don't understand how their support or lack of is hampering his goals, still hold on to its-brow-its-down mentallity, need to look at biology from his eyes, our greed as hunters hve created these problems, etc etc.....well......same thing in my book. Forget the fact that maybe there are folks that DO understand...and STIll diasagree. On there merits of their own argument. How dare they?

Big Country 01-06-2002 05:22 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
fight4 hit the proverbial nail on the head! Whether you are for any, all, or none of Dr. Alts idea`s, you should attend one of his meetings. This is the only way to get accurate info on his plans, and to voice your opinions on the issues.

buckhunter3 01-06-2002 05:30 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
I will be attending some of his meetings this year.He has one in a high school not far from me.I attended a couple mettings last year and I hate to say it but he does stick to what he thinks is right sometimes, unless every hunter protests.One butcher in my area representing between himself and another butcher about 75% of the deer butchered in this area.He ask Alt at that time to have doe season for a week before buck season and end on sat so they could at least have that sunday before buck to get caught up.In stead he made it worst by having a 2wk doe and buck season at one time.
So alot of his meetings I have found out is more for him going to the public to make it look like he took everyones opinion into account before he did what he already proposed.The last one I went to the majority of hands were against the doe and buck season.In the sunday paper that week the PGC had an article that said at the meeting the majority of hunters who attended were for Alt.I am not one who just listens to anyone I wiil see for myself and try to get it from the horses mouth in a decent way.I do not beieve in name calling as I have seen here sometimes but address him as Alt. Gary Alt or Dr. Gary Alt.I also think that everyone should attend at least one meeting this year
and here for yourself what goes on.Everyone should have a voice and someones idea may not help a certain hunting area even if he holds a degree.

mhogan 01-06-2002 05:40 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
But what if we go and decide his ideas has merit? Who could we hammer on then? I suppose we could go back to the Clintons if we had too. Okay, I will go, but I will try to only see negative in anything he says. It is for the good of the mesage boards. :)

BTBowhunter 01-06-2002 08:51 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
Just read in Sundays paper that the Oct doe season has been scrapped. Mixed emotions for me personally. I believe in an early doe kill but would like a week or two of undisturbed archery season first. (Just my personal preference) I will attend when a meeting comes reasonably close. Let's face it,agree or disagree it's one of the best ways to be heard. I don't think Gary Alt or the PGC participates to this forum.

Rob/PA Bowyer 01-06-2002 09:25 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
Funny, the majority of hunters I know and trust me, its not a few favor antler restrictions. So whose the majority and whose the minority?

mhogan 01-06-2002 09:45 PM

RE: Dr Alt Meetings.......
I know one Harrisburg PGC employee that reads this forum. Hi PG!

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