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LightningTim 12-01-2003 08:03 PM

having great luck this year
well in WV last week i got a nice small 8 pt. a BIG doe and a button buck. only buck i saw was the one i shot in the first half an hour of opening morning.

hunted saturday in MD and missed a doe in thick brush at 100 yds. then didnt see a thing the rest of the day. went out today and everyone in the woods with our hunting party was blasting all the way up until 10:00 with 3 bucks down. 2 small 6' s and a small 4 point. as my buddy was gutting his 6 pt. 30 yds from my dad who was still in the stand a nice 8 pt. ran up and stopped 40 yds from him and he had nothing but a knife so he just watched as my dad finally had a safe chance to shoot at this nice buck, but he missed both times. now i was hutning a VERY thick clearcut with lots of downed trees which is perfect for hiding deer but i hadn' t seen hide nor hair of a deer all day. then i hear them on the radio saying he is headed my way. finally i see him 70 yds away and i took the shot but was off the mark and hit low in the leg. he ran out to 100 yds and started limping when i finished him off. he is a big boy too... 180 lbs dressed with a nice heavy 8 pt rack, perfectly even except for a fresh break on his brow tine which may have been from when he fell. he has a 15" inside spread and 9" tip-tip spread. this is my nicest deer so far and i think i get him mounted to go with my 7-pt (first buck) and my 8 pt (last year BIG wv deer, but uneven and kinda ugly rack)

anyway i will get pics up soon as i get my cam hooked up again. good luck fellas!!

PAhunter86 12-01-2003 08:12 PM

RE: having great luck this year
congrats! can' t wait for those pics!

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