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bobsspike 04-05-2022 03:51 AM

5b York PA area
Howdy all, I have moved here from the state of Colorado. Where hunting is a hike in the woods with a gun, So I moved to York PA and wondering is there hunting on public land here and if so where is the public land? Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, Pheasant, Duck. Looking for meat to fill a freezer. Can anyone help me/guide me to the hunting areas that are available. I usually hunt muzzy/crossbow tree stand. and shotgun/AR for rabbit. Even went after Yotes. Still trying to get me a Cyote coat. This is not a hobby for me it is a way to eat good food.

bronko22000 04-05-2022 06:59 PM

Hello and welcome. I'm not from the York area but I am from PA. My first suggestion would be to look up state game lands near you. The Pennsylvania game commission site will jave a listing. I did work in York for 3 year and traveling down I-81 I noticed a lot of farm land. Perhaps a ride through the country and talking with the land owners may get you some places to hunt. Doesn't hurt to offer to help them out by doing some work for them.

bobsspike 04-21-2022 05:29 AM

Great idea on the farmland. Thank you.

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