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Hunting in PA

Old 12-13-2013, 05:48 AM
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I hunted PA once near Galeton. Had a good time hunting with a friend and his family. I took the following:

He had 8 points and an 18 inch spread. Took him with a 7mm Rem Mag at about 125 yards, give or take. I've hunted mulies and elk most my life and when I got this buck he was only my 2nd whitetail. The guys I hunted with said he was a really good buck for Potter County.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Slim
tundra, don't forget the AR part too. haven't seen a legal buck since they started it. also too much posted land now. hard to find places to hunt. leasing took care of that.
Public land isnt any better! I didnt go home to pa. again this year to hunt,,,could'nt justify possibly shooting the last deer alive!
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rem700 that is the saddest part.

I have spoken to countless PA hunting veterans that dont come home to PA to hunt anymore or travel to OHIO or elsewhere and use their vacation time there rather than hunt PA woods.

How could this possibly have been the plan?
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I did not get a deer in Pa. this year, but I saw deer. Sometimes you just can not get a decent shot. I mostly went the second week and they were still pretty well spooked. Really no acorns in this area this year, so the deer head for the laurel and housing developments for feed. I really spent a lot of time walking around checking new areas out. Get a little snow and it is the thing to do. If you just keep going to a dead area, you will see nothing. It is hard to believe but the deer are coming back in some areas. In some areas I walked all day and saw not one hunter until I got back to the parking lot. Lack of hunters is helping some areas. I agree with some of you about the disgusting way the herd was beat into the dirt. Deer are more than just "Herd" animals. They have family groups and instincts that the "Deer experts" do not understand. They do not just spill over into the next mountain when they overpopulate on one mountain. Either way, I think the "Deer experts" are starting to see the light. They will never admit they are wrong, but I see the tags are being cut back on. The extended doe season went back to County specific instead of the unit. Up north some of the WMU's are cut back to one week of doe. If they would get rid of the early muzzleloader season it would really make a difference. It would mean some hunters would have to bite the bullet for a while, but it would be a good thing in the long run.
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