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A pic of woods

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My bad. A quick reference to the AWR 2008 showed 2G (1.68)third behind 5D (1.71), and 1B (1.69). Regardless, if soil was the determing factor, then why would WMU's with better regeneration, not to mention arguably better soils and more agriculture, lag substantially behind 2G which for years has been labeled as the epicenter of the unhealthy forests. So much for the habitat controlling the herd theory, when they have the third highest productivity in the state!!!!!!!!!!

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RSB you are so full of beans its actually funny.

What we want is a NORMAL healthy habitat by NORMAL standards and a healthy deer herd. Normal being that which should only be expected as attested to by history here and by some of the rest of the nations deer herds and habitat.

There is no problem with the deer herd nor was there previously judging by the herd health indicators of pgc. Also no reason to believe there will be, when there wasnt problems with health when we had 2 or 3 times as many deer in areas, and many other states have "normal" deer densities and density goals higher than ours.

That leaves the habitat. What we want is already in place in many areas. In others some improvement could be used.

What the ECONUTS whom you defend want is FAR and ABOVE any reasonable assessment. They want ridiculous extremes in habitat composition and they are more than happy to have far fewer deer to have that. Both now to get there, and in the future to MAINTAIN their little obtuse econut nirvanna.

As a hunter, thats simply unacceptable. Society isnt interested in the nonsense either. But maybe with a carefully trickily wordly poll given out to the generally noncaring public by the new coming human dimensions staff they can manufacture some self made support?

Btw, econuts are not simply a label I put on people. They are alive and well and 100% obtuse. Even Doug has stated on several occassions that Alt was an idiot and that Shissler was a complete nutcase. And its no surprise that both were on the deer management team. Yet the plan isnt extreme or a nutjob derived mess? lol.

As you know Doug is a supporter of pgc, but even he acknowledges things that are so obvious they are 100% undeniable to anyone even a smidge rational.

Guess having "extreme" beliefs even more extreme than most pgc supporters would qualify you for the handle of "extremist"?

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[quote=R.S.B.;3390415] l people like you learn that they simply donít know what they are talking about .

rsb,you sure you dont work for DCNR?
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