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PA lady in OL

Old 11-23-2008, 11:28 AM
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

If there are now only "3 or 4 jokester posts", OL must have finally done some seriousediting?

You're entitled to your opinion on this subject. Mine is, that some of us from PAhave made fools of themselves (and in the process, all of us), for no other purpose than to give themselves a cheap laugh.
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Old 11-23-2008, 11:50 AM
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

ORIGINAL: bowhunter2117


The problem is that many of the comments weren’t made by the people that they are credits too. I strongly suspect the comments came from just a very few small minded people that have little to noreal knowledgeaboutMs. Davis other then she supports sound scientific wildlife management and has an environmental degree.

In some small minds anyone with an advanced education, instead of just an opinion, should be the subject of ridicule.

Those that posted that nonsense should be ashamed but on top of that they should also be held accountable for their gutless behavior and slanderous comments. The people that would make such disgusting and rude comments are really nothing more then a disgrace to the hunting fraternity.

R.S. Bodenhorn
RSB does Mrs. Davis have a degree in beer biology, vetenary science, biology, ecology or zoology with emphasis in mammalogy (the study of mammals), ornithology (the study of birds) you know the answer its no. her degree is in entomology (the study of bugs) she is far more suited to a position in the PA fish commission. Its funny you never elaborated on her educational shortcomings. What other state would even consider a person without proper training for such a leadership and policy making role on their Game commission. Her consideration was due to her support of policies that have split the hunters of PA in ways PITA could only dream of. Dont believe me hunters of Pa google her and find out for yourself who she iswhat she stands for andher background

As has already been pointed out the Commissioners don’t even need a degree of any kind to qualify for the volunteer position they hold. Very few of them, if any, throughout the history of the agency had any form of wildlife biology degree. They are there to represent to interest of the various publics that have an interest in wildlife management and hunting so a degree really isn’t necessary though I tend to suspect having one does give then an edge in having learned HOW to think instead of just what to think as some seem to come to the table with.

By the way I am pretty sure a past member of the Game Commission’s Board of Commissioners, who is now your favorite USP leader, didn’t have any degree of any kind when he was appointed to the Commission and was nothing more then a business man wit a lot of goofy opinions. Does that mean he wasn’t qualified and shouldn’t have been appointed?

Right now we also have a lawyer on the Board of Commissioners are you saying he doesn’t qualify because he doesn’t have a degree in a wildlife related field?

Perhaps the real issue is that some of you need to have become more educated concerning what a member of the Commission does, what qualifications they need and what their role really is the management and direction of the wildlife resources and hunting regulations.

R.S. Bodenhorn
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

Denny she is what she. Anyone who wants to know more about her can goggle her name and see her extreme views for themselves. Don’t take anyone else’s word about her. I understand your support for her and the herd reduction policies you and Kathy support they will never affect your deer hunting on your families posted land just like the policies won’t affect Kathy deer hunting on her Greene county posted land. It’s easy to support a plan when you won’t experience its devastation.
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Old 11-23-2008, 12:21 PM
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

PA hunter made a fool of themselves when they bought into HR, now they have become meat hunters and shoot even fawns. Out of state hunters don't even come here anymore, our license sales are falling more than the national average. Our PGC has traded deer for tree and they are proud of it. RSB (who is a WCO) says hunting will get better in the future, no one living today will ever see that happen, perhaps a time capsule should be planted so people knew what happen to hunting.

Those of us that still have decent hunting either own ourland or belong to a lease.
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

IMHO it doesn't much matter who is appointed as commissioners, as long as the deer management team continues to feed the commissioners false and misleading information and without information from both the hunters and commissioners. There is absolutely no reason why we don't have a detailed report on the effects of ARs after six years.
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

I dont see the system changing anytime soon, but I really would like to see a paid professional instead of these volunteer commissioner boards which are politically appointed anyway, running the show. I think a long term position with an unquestionable personthat most if not all could agree on, must be prohunting, andwith the qualifications to fulfill the duties would be the way to go.

No more worries about who is going to get on the board and what agendas they may be shooting for. I would give all the commissioners for the last 20 years for one Mike Tonkovich (ohio)or Kent Kammermyer (Georgia) at the helm. Im sure there are many others that would fit the bill in other states as well.
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

That link on the first page of this thread doesnt seem to be the right link. I believe this is the one you were looking for.
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Default RE: PA lady in OL

My oh my. I've spent the last 2 days reading up on this woman. She sure doesn't appear to be very versed in representing my concerns.
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