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join forces

Old 12-03-2005, 04:11 AM
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Default join forces

I say that if they don't see a problem with the deer heard we should all buy as many doe tags next year and shoot till our tags are full .Why let it go on any longer? If they want to wipe the deer heards out,Lets join them.Then maybe they will see they made a mistake and let the heard grow back up again.Don't sit back and let this go on ,Join in and help them next year wipe the heard out. Then maybe they will see that the deer are gone and the sales will vanish in all depts of sales from local sports stores to the sales of permits.I guaranteed something will be done then. The state doesn't want to lose a 5 billion dollar a year bussiness now do they?
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Default RE: join forces

ummmmm ok, how about posting which state you are talking about???? Im guessing PA? Most of the PA guys I know are already complaining about not seeing any deer.
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Old 12-03-2005, 09:47 AM
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Default RE: join forces

That simply doesn't make sense. It's not the PGC, DEC or what ever agency there is where you live that shot the deer. It's the sportsmen/hunters who did the reaping. It's the guy who has 4 deer tags filled and then whines that there are no deer. What your proposing already happens and if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. I haven't shot a doe in years by choice and I still pass all young buck. I've taken 3 buck in 5 years and they've been 2, 3.5 year olds and 1, 2.5 year old. Help your herd or hurt your herd, what you do in your area doesn't affect most of the rest of us but what you do does affect your future in deer hunting. I'm doing what I can to help my hunting area.

And second, it's deer herd, herd, at least that's what I heard.
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Old 12-03-2005, 01:36 PM
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Default RE: join forces

Rob/PA said it - It's not the PGC that is wiping out the deer herd. I hunt in PA, and I think that if we are all to join forces, we should all NOT buy any extra tags. Let's hit them in the wallet before the deer herd is depleted.
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Old 12-03-2005, 11:27 PM
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You know that won't work.90% would still buy tags especially the parents that have jrs who want to see their child take a deer.I am talking about Pa. here. Buy the tags and fill them.This will insure that the does will get wiped out.Fill your doe tags next year before your buck tags.The first day and second day of rifle season is the key days to take your does.They will be pushed around and this will insure your doe tags being filled and the start of change of seasons for doe hunting if not close the season for a couple years.Take the older does cause they got a better chance of reproduction than the younger ones.I for one am going to do this to try to make a change for the better by makeing the herds worse.
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Old 12-04-2005, 12:47 AM
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Default RE: join forces

battle buck, is that sarcasm or ignorence?
this is a genuine question.

do you really think that killing as many deer as possible in a less populated herd will in anyway help this sport? Its like a child that breaks its own toy to rebel against its parents. The big meanies in the conservation office are killing all your deer, so to show them you will kill more. that will show them!!

or are you stating a sarcastic stance on the topic to show the complete lunacy in it that others have failed to notice in their own ways?

im not trying to insult here, jsut trying to figure out what you are talking about
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It was sarcastic. But we do need to come together and show them that the hunters makes the laws on hunting and the size of the deer herds we want here. Not the government not PGC not the insurance companys nor the timber industries .It is us the hunters who makes the laws.The ones who purchase the tags to hunt.The ones who makes them billions of dollars every year. We are the ones who are being ignored because this is no longer a voteing system it is about what a few wants and not the majority. It is about money and I think it's time to shows them who puts the money in their pockets by removing it from their pockets next year.
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Default RE: join forces

Our camp as well as most all the other camps in the area have put a hault to all doe shooting. There was no shooting in the valley that we hunt in all week and i was PROUD! The area that i hunt in Clinton co. is filled with guys that live by "if it's brown it's down" rule. well not this year and as far as that goes last year as well. I feel the folks there did what they thought was right for the deer in the area and they did a damn good job.
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Default RE: join forces


Rob/PA said it - It's not the PGC that is wiping out the deer herd. I hunt in PA, and I think that if we are all to join forces, we should all NOT buy any extra tags. Let's hit them in the wallet before the deer herd is depleted.
Somebody will always buy the tags and fill them.

It AMAZES me when I hear guys complaining what a tough season they are having with so few deer, and then go on to tell me that they shot the only doe they saw this year.

What do they think? Deer grow on trees?
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Default RE: join forces

Yes ,I agree that the tags will still be sold even if someone stops buying them. I will keep buying them and be the problem myself then.But I am not goanna stop buying them till they stop the sales and look at the problem. In my opinion it is not goanna happen,Why,because they have became addicted to the capitalism they recieved from the tags and it is more important to them than the deer herds right now.There could be 100 deer in Pa. and they would still sale a million tags.I believe the government has both hands in this pocket over the say on how many tags need to be sold to meet the cash quota.
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