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Muley Hunter 08-03-2019 08:02 AM

Lyman Great Plains Rifle LH Caplock .54
Gun is new with just 3 shots taken to test trigger. It has a new Davis trigger. Stock wood ramrod and also an aluminum ramrod with clean/loading jag attached. It can be used for cleaning, range, and hunting. #11 and musket nipples.

Sorry, no camera, so no pics, but it's new.

I paid $650 with shipping at MidSouth. Ramrod and trigger were another $100.

$400 + whatever shipping charge is.

Muley Hunter 08-05-2019 05:12 AM



Muley Hunter 08-06-2019 11:45 AM

I'll sweeten the deal. This is all included in the deal. Just pay the shipping.

Gun case.

Powder measure.


200 cast balls .54

300 shooting patches.

Cleaning patches

brush, patch remover, nipple wrench, 2 spitfire musket nipples, patch lube, ball starter, brass T-handle for aluminum ramrod

Muley Hunter 08-07-2019 04:30 AM



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