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Muley Hunter 08-15-2017 11:27 AM

New CVA Accura MR FS

Muley Hunter 08-24-2017 11:19 AM

Ok, something new popped up. I spun a main bearing in my Jeep and need money now.

Gun is as new as can be. Only 5 shots taken on it. It's black with the Nitride barrel. It's also the package deal with scope and gun case. It only took 3 shots to zero it in. It also comes with......a two tool kit made by CVA to clean the breech plug completely. Also a Spinjag loader/cleaning jag. Also, 47 Barnes 250gr T-EZ bullets and three different type sabots. 50each. The Harvester CR sabots work the best in this gun as far as fit goes and they shot accurate too. As all Accuras, it comes with Quake sling too. I'll throw in a nice powder measure and 500-600 cleaning patches. Also, a couple of hundred primers. If you want them i'll include about 40 460gr NoExcuses bullets. All you need to get started but powder.

$400 and i'll split shipping charges with the buyer.

Muley Hunter 09-03-2017 06:45 AM



Muley Hunter 09-03-2017 12:52 PM



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