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mounting man 05-17-2014 04:43 AM

370 tc maxi's-320 lee real bullets/fs
50 CALIPERThe 370 Maxi's i made with pure very soft,pure, lead. With the Lee Hardness tester,they test to a 5 to 7 .These are not lubed,just the bullets,so you can use your prefered lube!
$15 per 25 Shipped.
$25 per 50 shipped.

50 CALIPERThe 320 REAL BULLETS-$14 per 25 shipped.
$23 per 50 shipped
I also have some .495 Round ball
and some .490 ones. $15 per 100/shipped
PO money order or cash
Give me "I'LL take some" and a PM.
PS.I will be selling off my muzzle loaders[flint locks].

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