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t.shaffer 05-29-2020 02:01 PM

2020-2021 ohio deer seasons are set
archery begins on sat sept 26 & runs thru sunday feb 7 2021
youth gun season is set for sat & sun nov 21 & 22
deer gun season begins mon nov 30 & runs thru sunday dec 6
ext gun season is sat dec 19 & sunday dec 20
muzzleloader season is sat jan 2 2021 & runs thru tuesday jan 5 2021

Bocajnala 06-14-2020 05:41 PM

I may hunt opening day for the first time ever in Ohio.

PA is opening on Saturday this year and allowing Sunday hunting. So I can hunt two days in PA then hop back over to Ohio for the opener.


t.shaffer 06-18-2020 05:29 AM

sounds good there jake. my hunting maybe set short this year. all depends how my wife is doing. should know by the end of september.

bronko22000 08-24-2020 09:49 PM

Tom I'll keep praying for both you and your wife. I'm trying to juggle my season around too. Our archery starts Oct 3 then early ML on Oct 17. Then I drew a PA elk tag and that is Nov 2-7. My knee is really bothering me. I've been diagnosed with a torn miniscus and I haven't had a decent nights sleep in about 6 weeks or so. I have to get ortho surgery scheduled probably early Oct. I'm hoping about Oct 5 that way I can get the first day of archery in and have two weeks to recover for early ML season.
I wish you all the best - God bless

t.shaffer 08-25-2020 07:54 AM

well bronko my wife has been set back a couple of weeks the one med is effecting the heart rate. but should be on track soon. for me i won't be hunting bow or gun i just had a port put in yesterday & it is next to my right should so the dr. said that's a no no.may be done with kemo in mid dec. hopefully port is pulled by chrismas & may able to go muzzleloading in first week in jan. time will only tell.again thanks for the prayers. well felt. godbless

t.shaffer 08-31-2020 08:04 AM

well my buddie talked me into going deer hunting with a handgun. differently not going to hurt the the port. will go when the the weather is rightalso. lost my spleen before the cancer & don't want to get get sick or a infection.

Bocajnala 08-31-2020 09:19 AM

I'm available to help with whatever you need Tom. Let me know, don't hesitate to ask.


t.shaffer 09-03-2020 11:19 AM

thanks jake will keep you in mind

Bocajnala 09-04-2020 05:20 PM

What handgun will you be using? I picked up a Ruger super black hawk in .44 mag earlier this year.

I've been shooting it a little thinking about doing some hunting with it this year. I'm good to about 25 yards right now! :barmy: lol. Definitely need some more practice with a big revolver.


t.shaffer 09-05-2020 01:55 PM

jake i believe it's a super blackhawk with a 10 " barrel & a leupold scope . it's jim's handgun & he said he has killed allot of deer & animals with it. going out to his house& range to give it a whirl.

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