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Default What are the best counties in Wisconsin to deer hunt?

Looks like my wife and I will be relocting to Janesville Wisconsin very soon and I was wondering what counties are reported to be the most productive for WT deer hunting?

Read the story here ..http://www.abhunting.com/Stories/Sco...tt_Reeves.html
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Does the name "Buffalo County, WI" ring a bell? The #1 B&C county in the U.S...

Course that's the only county I know of in wis for trophy bucks...
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That is a hard question because of the deer management practices of the DNR. I used to think Ashland, Bayfield, and Buffalo Country were some of the best big buck counties in the State. But with the decline in the deer herds in the northern forests, that just is not the case anymore. There are some private lands that are still rich, but about near impossible to get onto any of them.

In the southern end of the State, Sauk, Columbia, Adams, and Juneau were (or used to be) real good deer counties. Not a lot of public land but the public land there is heavy hunted.

Contact the DNR and ask them for some deer population maps according to counties. See what they can come up with.
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Holy cow, DD in the upper midwest!

Rusk is coming on too for deer, and big ones. Buffalo gets all the press, but its outfitter laden, like Pike in IL. If you want something different, the big woods area of northern WI are fun, just not the trophies of the southern areas. Janesville is a real nice area DD, good luck to you there!
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Buffalo and Trempealeau are the big ones in the state for producing giants, but as others have said it's pretty much all outfitters or locked up in leases. Sauk and Richland counties are a great spot if your looking for a 130 class buck or better. Alot of farm country that maybe would let you hunt on.
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Yeah you can hunt them if you pay top dollar for a lease or outfitter. Waukesha, crawford, jefferson counties have big deer.
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Default wisconsin deer herd

The DNR has destroyed deer hunting in Wisconsin.

I hunt in Texas

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Cool DD I'm from Janesville, it is a nice place. Buffalo, Trempelau, and Lacrosse are all great areas to hunt, with Buffalo County being the number 1 BC county in the nation. Of course, you are going to have to pay big bucks to hunt it unless you know someone there.
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Wisconsin has been drastically effected by bad management...
However there are still some good pockets left that still have some great bucks. South central Wisc... And South western Wisconsin still have some great bucks, even on the public land.
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Basicly any county along the Mississippi or the Lower WI river are good. I have hunted Crawford the last couple of years and have seen and harvested some really nice bucks. Locate a farm get permission and scout it.............
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