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passthrough24 12-03-2008 08:49 AM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Handles, I couldnt agree more!!! Everyone complains about there being no deer but they will shoot the first doe they see...its sick how many trucks i have seen this year with 5-6 does piled up!!!! Are people really that stupid??!! At some point the blame has to be placed on the hunters...

YooperMike 12-03-2008 10:35 AM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Handles' post is the only one in here that is even logical. WI hunters have been the blame-givers for a loing time, but refuse to look in the mirror. Just because it is legal doesn't mean you have to kill every deer you see. No different with the deer than it is with the walleyes on the Wolf River and other areasin the spring, you can keep any size, so lets fill our pails with every one that we catch. Gluttony is the reason for less deer, not the DNR "killing the deer" like first post-er said. Pull your head out of your ass and realize what the real problem is, the HUNTERS. WI traditions of driving deer from every woodlot and firing lines of hunters are the reason for the supposed lack of deer. Whatever regs the DNR put in place, people are going to bitch about. What if they said for 2009, only one deer per person for the entire season, bow and gun. First thing people would say "Wow, now there are too many deer and the DNR doesn't let us kill them, those idiots. I'm not even buying a tag next year." Put your money where your mouth is and don't hunt next year if you are so disgusted with the system you have to work with. FUnny thing, no one that kills a deer seems to whine about the lack of them, just the guys that don't kill them. "We pushed a woodlot with 30 guys and only killed three deer, there are no deer this year." Come on. Wolves, bears, bigfoot...all responsible for the lack of deer, but no one ever mentions hunters in there. A wolf will kill an average of 8 deer per year...yet hunters kill several hundred thousand...who's to blame here?

jessejmc1979 12-03-2008 11:35 AM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys are right that some hunters have just plain shot too many deer. However where was the dnr during all of this. The problem lies with people thinking that the dnr actually cares about our deer herd and figure that if they let you buy as many tags as you want a keep telling you to shoot everything. People can't be totally to blame for that. If it is the people being gluttens then why couldn't we have the tags to shoot 4,5,6,7,10 does each year 15 years ago. I am not trying to be a jerk but the issue starts and ends with the dnr and the only way to stop it is hit them where it hurts. The wallet. If they are still so dead set on there "herd control" next year we all need to not buy licenses. And with talking to all ofthe hunters I know,only shooting one deer per year and seeingdeer is better than shooting a pile of them. It's pretty hard to keep a 12 yr old kid interested in hunting when all it is is set in the woods andfreeze your butt off and not even see any deer. Anyways just my opinion.

Handles 12-03-2008 11:52 AM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st rule of thumb. Always blame the government for allowing us to do stupid things
2nd rule of thumbAlways blame the government when they outlaw the stupid things we do

jessejmc1979 12-03-2008 12:20 PM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So since it doesn't matter what the dnr mandates. Why is there a limit on how many fish you can keep. If it's totally up to the people why wouldn't the "geniuses" in Madison just open up all of the limits on hen pheasants, or hen mallards. They don't because they don't want to have their species erradicated. They totally dropped the ball on the whole cwd thing look at the "erradication zone." When somebody gets sick from cwd then we can panic and killall of the deer but until then I'm seeing this as another lobbying move by the insurance companies. If left up to them the whole state will be an erradication zone eventually. I think this year was the last straw for most hunters realizing that: yes we (the hunters) have shot too many does (which is what our feerless leaders asked us to do)and now we need to move forward and hopefully they will change it back to the "glory days"where you used to at least see deer.

SouthDakotaHunter 12-03-2008 12:56 PM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some times, people justdo stupid stuff [:@]

Last year I brought in some trim to the meat locker and there was a guy there that was bringing in cooler after cooler.... I asked him, how many deer they shot, he said all proud like - our family has taken over 20 does.... Of course guys like this are probably the ones wondering why they aren't seeing any deer this year? Boy, I wonder why??

I wanted to punch him in the face.... Honestly, that shouldn't even be legal.... But honeslty, I was speechless - I really didn't know what to say.

Of course this year, most hunters I've talked to, aren't seeing jack - at least in comparison to several years ago.

jessejmc1979 12-03-2008 12:59 PM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's exactly my point it shouldn't be legal. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm all for the guys that have been shooting piles of does (and I'm not one of them but the past two years have been eab so have to shoot one) are right but like has been stated it shouldn't be legal. I think most Wisconsin hunters would agree with me when I say let's go back to one buck per year and send in for a hunters choice if you need a doe.

bowtech833 12-03-2008 01:18 PM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im with Handles, just because the DNR says you can buy x amount of doe tags does that mean you need to go out and clip a dozen each? They give us regulations, its upto us hunters, and the landowners to make the choices in the field that will effect your hunting the following season.

Handles 12-03-2008 05:06 PM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessie, you said the last two years you HAD to shoot doe. Really? You complain of seeing no deer, yet you had to shoot the onlyones you saw? Who made you pull the trigger?

jessejmc1979 12-04-2008 07:16 AM

RE: wisconsin DNR CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Handles when I said "we" I meant the people in my area. I haven't shot a doe in two years. And the last time I shot one I saw plenty of deer. So I guess us guys in eab should just hang out in the woods, might as well not even bring a rifle because if you don't shoot a doe you can't shoot a buck. So I'm assuming since you are taking this so personalthat you work for the dnr or what? The people that shot lots of does are at fault. But the dnr is at fault also. That's all I'm saying.

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