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Tick bite...

Old 06-01-2007, 07:16 PM
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Default RE: Tick bite...

i live in east central mn and they are vicious this spring I had maybe 10-12 all last year. this year i get that many just mowing the lawn
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Default RE: Tick bite...

Your doc is incompetent. I see and treat LD almost year round here in Ark. It can be very mild or seriously debilitating. If there is any question of LD, it should be treated immediately and blood should be drawn for testing. In actuality, most cases of LD mean a headache and aching joints for a few days and we pass it off for a cold. But it doesn't always happen like that.

I'll take a fight with a bear or a peter-biting skunk over a serious case of LD anyday.
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Old 06-05-2007, 10:30 AM
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Default RE: Tick bite...

Seriously, I had the same experience earlier this year. Im inin the middle of Minnesota and was looking for sheds out at my land. Later that week my side started to hurt and I found a deer tick embeded in my side with a jet black circle around it. I called a clinic and was tranfered to urgent care. The nurse there told me "there were no deer ticks this time of year" and "what ever insect bit you it was nothing to worry about". I told her I had the tick and she still did not believe me. My mom had me go to her clinic and sure **** the doctor verified it was a deer tick and put me on medication.

My advise to you is to get a second opinion RIGHT AWAY.
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Default RE: Tick bite...

is thier anyway to keep them off!!!!
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Default RE: Tick bite...

Im glad to see ya got some antibotics. Now how can some doctors be so incompemtent. Hello dumb a** doctors. Study the disease. I know I have researched it and Im not an MD. I researched it thourghly, cause I got bit this year on the balls. OUCH that sucked, No pun intended hehehe
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Default RE: Tick bite...

show us a picture of your ankle now. Glad you got things taken care of...
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Default RE: Tick bite...


What's weird also, for some reason this year seems more ticky than I can remember. So far this year just from doing a lil fishing and scouting, between me and a bud, we have had over 20 ticks on us. Anyone else notice this?
Nobody burns anymore. I remember my grandpa burning off the fields every fall. Iffire spread through the timber as well, no big deal. I noticed on my place a couple of years ago that I couldn't walk 10 feet through my fields without being covered in ticks. I burnt off the fields that fall and every fall since for reasons other than ticks. But, nonetheless I noticed that the ticks aren't nearly as bad now.
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