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Default IL-SNOW!

Looks like by this time tomorrow, we'll have a number of inches of snow on the ground. I hope to be in the field by noon tomorrow. Good luck to all on the second season.
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

Yeah, they'll get lots of snow and have great rabbit hunting conditions for now. But when i go home for Christmas and want to chase cottontails without a beagle, it will probably be 70 degrees.
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

Good Luck with the 2nd season keep us posted.
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

Well at least the th/fri gun days will probably be too crappy to get the deer moving, but sat/sun some will fall. I am looking forward to the weekdays following with my bow. Should be great conditions.
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

Deer were moving good Wed. hitting the cut corn field getting ready for the cold. I saw 2 monsters I never could get close too.
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

did any of you brave it today? i had good intentions. but it was just too freekin cold and rainy for me. we did one SMALL drive by my house but thats as far as it went.for the rest of the night im going to beplowing snow. i am hoping to be done by noon so i can hit the woods tomorrow night. good luck guys!!!!! post pics of the kills if you can.
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

Yeah on the snow & boo on the 20-30 mph winds for tomorrow!!

I went today & froze my butt off all day. First experience with public land deer hunting-it was everything I imagined it would be [:'(] I did see one deer, but it saw me first so no shot. I'll give it another shot tomorrow, but at a different park. Good luck to all that brave it!
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

I was out all day today with two other guys and we saw nothing. I thought for sure the deer would be feeding before this storm comes in, but nothing. I'll make the call tomorrow whether to go out. I drive from Downtown Chicago to my hunting spot in LaSalle county. Winds are supose to be gusting at up to 50 Friday. May be a little to much for me, If the snow lets off, Ill be out, if not, it will be a last day effort on Sunday. Lets all hope for a little luck from the Deer hunting gods!!
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

HNI Prez Todd Graf and I made it out tonight to our McHenry County spot and connected on a really nice buck - on film! It was a GREAT night as deer were on their feet heading to feed before this snow moves in. We bumped probably 10 does out of the field we were hunting on our way in, then a few of them fed back in throughout the night. 20 min. before the end of legal hunting we had two 1 1/2 year olds come into the field and start pushing each other around right in front of us, followed by two button bucks, and eventually this nice 3 1/2 year old 10 pointer that I had seen during bow season. A 40 yard shot put the hurt on him, and a followup shot sent him into a summersault in the middle of the picked corn field and it was over.

Our buddy Steve shot an even bigger buck about 500 yards away on the other end of the same field. It was definitely a good night to be out!
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Default RE: IL-SNOW!

It's not the best photo in the world, but it's all I've got for now. Taken during the post-kill footage. I'll get some better shots up tomorrow.

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